The Breakdown on Bangs

While bangs seem to fade in and out of style, the truth is, they are forever present in the world of hair. What changes, is their length, density and shape. The “fringe” (as the Brits say) can make a bold statement, or help to conceal a myriad of imperfections. Bangs are also an easy way to freshen up your look, without the commitment of a full haircut. Here are some of my favorite looks (and a few pointers to know if they are right for you!)

1. The Blunt Bang

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GOOD FOR:  Oval and round shaped faces  (gives some structure/angle to a soft jaw line), medium to thick hair, straight to wavy textures, high foreheads, and anyone wanting a noticeable “bang”.  Cut shorter, they give more of a pin-up girl look, while brow skimming gives a more sexy, sophisticated feel.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR:  Very Square faces, Fine/Thin hair, low foreheads, extremely curly hair

2. The Rounded/Tapered Bang

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GOOD FOR:  Square and heart shaped faces (helps to soften their angular jaw lines), fine/medium/and thick hair, straight to wavy hair, long faces.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR:  Round faces, fuller cheeks, shorter foreheads, extremely curly hair.

3. The Frindgey Chop Bang

Untitled 5 Untitled 6

GOOD FOR:  All face shapes, fine hair to medium hair, and straight to wavy hair.  Shorter bangs take on a more “pixie” look,  and work well on low foreheads and smaller faces.  The longer, eyebrow length bangs are perfect for high foreheads, longer faces, and rounder faces.  Consideration should also be give to the width of the bang- the wider the bang, the more the face is opened up (perfect for square or heart shaped faces).  Rounder faces should stick with a fringe that is narrower, to minimize fullness, and accentuate cheeks.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR:  Extremely curly, or extremely thick hair

4. The Side Swept Bang

Untitled 7 Untitled 8

GOOD FOR:  EVERYONE!  Side bangs are incredibly versatile- and the length can be tailored to suit any hair texture and face shape.  For smaller foreheads and longer faces, the bangs should be cut shorter.  On curlier hair, rounder faces, and high foreheads, the length should be left on the longer side.

TIP:  Like most bangs, this look should be cut when the fridge is DRY.  This will insure that you end up with the length that you want, as hair shrinks up when it dries.

5. The Non-Committal Bang

Untitled 9 Untitled 10 Untitled 11

GOOD FOR:  Every hair type except those with super fine, straight hair.  It’s a perfect bang for those who want just a little accent around their face without the full commitment to a stronger fridge.  It’s easy to grow out, and accents both the cheekbones and jawline.  It requires minimal styling, and works well with even the curliest of textures.

TIP:  Always err on the side of leaving bangs too long… easy to trim them up a bit, but no so easy to deal with bangs that are too short!!

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