#AskPatti: How to use Twitter to win back an ex, places to meet gay men, finding your spiritual match & more!

Hello, my favorite people on the internet! How I’ve missed you! I love getting all of your questions on Twitter and waiting to answer them for a whole month takes so much self-control. But, the wait is over! Here are your fantastic #AskPatti questions and my (hopefully) fantastic answers.

Honey, click around this site! There are probably a million tips of how to find a sweet, loving guy who’s compatible with you. Step one is always to get out of your comfort zone and look in new places for new guys!
Um, yeah! Get on my site and apply!
Tough love alert: Get over him. You’re not going to be able to leverage your Twitter feed to make him fall back in love with you. Accept that the relationship is over and once you’re nice and emotionally healed, go find a guy who will never break up with you. Trust me, you don’t want your love story to involve this much digital drama.
Go to places where people with your spiritual inclinations would hang out. Maybe it’s yoga studios or book readings. Or it could be retreats or a hiking group. Make a list of potential places your ideal mate could be spending time and then start spending time there too. Here’s a tip: Go by yourself. Don’t bring another girlfriend with you. You’ll be much more approachable and open to talking to new people if you’re flying solo.
Gay bars are great for a lot of things, but finding true love isn’t on that list. It’s the same for straight people. Party bars are just not a good matchmaking scene. Hang out other places single gay men would spend time. Try the gym, comic book stores, coffee shops and quiet hotel bars. Basically, get out there and keep your eyes open. Go to gay bars for fun, not true love.

Keep tweeting your questions at me. I love getting them!