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What to do if your boo shares too much on social media

Social media is a brand-new minefield for relationships. 20 years ago, no one had to worry about “Facebook official,” boyfriends who Insta-story too much or girls who refuse to like your posts. Social media can equal drama for a relationship on a bunch of levels. If your relationship drama is over a boo who shares too much on social media, here’s what to do about it. Read more

How to be a social media sensation even if your boo is social media shy

Do you all follow Busy Philipps on Instagram? If not, get on it! She’s truly an Instagram Story sensation! She shares so much of her life via social media and you get a real sense of who she is. She comes off as a delightful goofball who’s wickedly funny and very, very relatable. Her social media presence has catapulted her from an actress I wasn’t that familiar with to one of my favorite Hollywood stars. And I’m not the only one. It feels like everyone’s talking about Busy’s Instagram recently. I read about it in Glamour and People and hear about it on podcasts. Read more

Why Facebook Is Dangerous & Not The Friendly World It Seems

The other day I started looking at people's posts on Facebook and it got me thinking: a lot of people make posts about exactly where they are and what they are doing. All of the time. And I just have to wonder: For whom exactly are they posting? Their followers? People who you don't really talk to very much anymore? While I was thinking about this I started to realize that Facebook is dangerous on so many levels. Let me explain why. Read more

How Instagram Has Become The New Victoria’s Secret

I remember when I was a teenager. There was the thrill of diving into the dumpster behind my house and pulling out my dad's Playboys that he threw away, and taking them up to my room. Looking at the naked pictures, getting turned on and masturbating. I used to hide my Playboys between the mattress and the box springs, so my mom wouldn’t see them and would never know what I was doing. Read more

Why I think you should stop following your man on social media

Social media has undeniably changed the face of dating and romance. Not to sound like everyone’s grandma, but there was a time when you had to choose between being social and consuming media. Now, you can do both at the same time and it means that a lot has changed in the dating game. And while there are a lot of benefits I can go into, I’ll save that for another post. I’m going to go into the drama of social media and romance. Here’s why I think you should disengage from your boo on social media. Read more

Mr. Instagram Troll

Real talk, it is pretty damn clear that the social media's have a negative effect on our dating lives. They spark jealousy, insecurity, and confusion to all daters world over. How could they not? We are all constantly in touch with everyone's living and waking moments and we pay especially close attention to these "moments" or posts from people that are potential love interests. Read more