Mr. Instagram Troll

instagram_socialReal talk, it is pretty damn clear that the social media’s have a negative effect on our dating lives. They spark jealousy, insecurity, and confusion to all daters world over. How could they not? We are all constantly in touch with everyone’s living and waking moments and we pay especially close attention to these “moments” or posts from people that are potential love interests.

The thing with the media’s however, (let’s use Instagram as a prime example) is… more often than not, when we click “post” with a witty caption having THE time of our lives, it is a fabrication of our realities. Our Instagram feeds turn into who we want people to think we are, and how great we want people to believe our lives are, but one has to ask… How close are our timelines to our realities?

We would love to say that just girls “post to please” so to speak, as we are the gender that is better known for being vanity conscious. However, the dude’s might be on our level when it comes to their Instagram posts. Both genders have become immersed in the throes of portraying the “perfect” and “cool” image on Instagram. Do we ever stop to wonder if the persona we are posting might be a huge turnoff for a love interest? Perhaps the missing piece of the puzzle of failed relationships lies in the beige camera icon on our iphone screens.

It is a sad truth that the Instagram activity of a man can make or break him as a potential love interest. We are sure there is a similar flip side of this that guys experience, but we are going to tell this from the ladies point of view…

Throughout our years on Instagram we have seen this guy many many times, and he is, without further ado, Mr. Instagram Troll. Meaning, he seemed completely normal and like a viable dating option, until Instagram came into the picture. He posts to show he is desired by many hotties, he is the ultimate socialite, he works out like all the time, and he should be the number one desire of your affection. This is a guy who can begin his journey to a girls heart as a promising prospect only to end up off the deep end in our dating pool.

So here is how this potential boy becomes Mr. Instagram Troll… When a girl is interested in a guy, she will inevitably follow him on Instagram. And yes, all girls creep. As simple as just one click into that camera icon, her positive thoughts about this guy come crashing and burning in front of her very eyes.

Her timeline is flooded nightly as he posts photos at the hottest bars and clubs while surrounded by groups of women. It doesn’t take an idiot to figure out that these women aren’t his best gal pals from college, they’re all brand new girls he’s meeting every night. Don’t worry, he also shoots all these pretty young things a follow as well as a tag in his post.

This formerly nice, normal gentleman has transformed into a man who now seems like he thinks he’s the next Dan Bilzerian. He is over eager to show the world how desired he is by women and how awesome he is. His posts seem to basically cry out; single ladies you better fight to tie me down, I’m one hot piece!

Next, let’s flip to the wonderfully informative “Activity” page. His name constantly populates on here with his “likes”. Of the 8 photos he’s liked in the past hour, 7 are of scantily clad Insta Models with boobs and butts out for the world to see. Women posting practically naked photos in revealing outfits with captions that are supposed to make it less slutty, such as; “loving my new green juice today! #fit #vegan #healthylifestyle”…. the claimed green juice is not prominently photographed of course. You can actually catch the top of her straw maybeeee a little bit in the bottom right corner. You know what we mean by this girl.

As a single young girl it is HARD to not let this persona completely ruin this guy as an option. After all, you think he is a full fledged Mr. Instagram troll. Not only do his posts look like he is overcompensating for some deep insecurities, the photos he likes makes it seem like he is only interested in mega sluts. Any self respecting girl does not want to be with a guy who seems like he is running around ready to pounce on the next mini skirt that walks his way.

The real kicker here is, Mr. Instagram Troll may not realize his social media presence is a huge turn off. He might think that this places him on a pedestal of “cool” and desirable. In reality, it leads the girl to believe that he just isn’t ready for a monogamous relationship at all.

The tale of the Mr Instagram Troll is one that everyone should keep in mind while posting their own chosen personas for all to see (Yes, girls too!). We are in a time where judgement based solely on social media is not only acceptable,it happens all the time! If you look wild and untameable in your Instagram, anyone will assume you ARE wild and untamable.