#AskPatti: Not liking guys who like you, waiting for a proposal, liking someone in a relationship & more!

Ask Patti StangerHello, hello! Are you guys feeling what I’m feeling? Spring fever! Spring is so stinking close and I’m so excited. It’s not so much about the weather for me. (I live in LA, so it’s gorgeous basically 365.) I’m more excited about the sense of new beginnings that spring brings. I think it especially applies in the romance department. If you’ve had a crappy winter romantically, shake off those winter icks and dive into dating this spring. Here are some answers to your dating and relationship questions to jump start your spring fever.

Honey, I’m getting the sense that the guys aren’t the problem, it’s YOU! Are you just interested in pretty things you can’t have? Have you ever liked anyone who liked you back? If not, take a look deep inside yourself and figure out what could be behind that. A lot of times, not liking people who like you could be about how much you like yourself. Mathew, you’re worth loving! Just give yourself the chance!
Question: Did he factor you into his residency decision-making? If not, I hate to say it, but I don’t think you should wait around for a ring. Get out of there and work on finding a man who will factor you into his major life decisions. If you were a part of his decision-making and you’re going to be living in the same town together, he should propose within the first year. If not, you have to move on. Good luck!
Move on! Go for someone who’s available. There’s no good outcome for this scenario. Either she rejects you, which would suck, or she dumps her man to be with you. Then, the whole time you two are together, you’ll be stressing that she’s going to leave you for the next new shiny thing that comes along.
It’s better to be in a relationship where you’re not afraid to be the one who loves the most. It sounds like something’s off with your relationship and you’re not 100% happy with your partner. Get out of it and find the right relationship for you. Your guy is out there!

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