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9 Summer Fashion & Beauty Rules to Snag a Man

Snag a guy for the summer with these 9 fashion tips
Welcome to the first in my three part series on how to make the most of this summer and snag your perfect mate!  When it comes to dating and meeting new people, first impressions matter a lot. You should always look your best whether you are going to the grocery store for a few minutes, or out to dinner with your girlfriends. You never know where you might meet an amazing man. In order to avoid turning off a potential date before you even get to say hello, here are my top 9 summer fashion and beauty rules to follow: Read more

The Breakdown on Bangs

While bangs seem to fade in and out of style, the truth is, they are forever present in the world of hair. What changes, is their length, density and shape. The “fringe” (as the Brits say) can make a bold statement, or help to conceal a myriad of imperfections. Bangs are also an easy way to freshen up your look, without the commitment of a full haircut. Here are some of my favorite looks (and a few pointers to know if they are right for you!) Read more

Fact vs Fiction: Addressing Common Concerns with Injectable Aesthetic Treatments

Woman gets botox injection
After working for almost a decade in the aesthetic field, there are very few questions that I have not heard.  However there are several concerns that I hear on an almost daily basis. Here are some of them: Read more

3 beauty tools your clutch is missing

Mascara smudges, spinach-spotted teeth, and wardrobe malfunctions! Oh my! Life happens, and so do accidents. All it takes in one to remember that thing you should have slipped in your clutch “just in case”. Here are 3 things to keep on hand to handle anything. Read more

Men are Catching the “Beauty Bug”

Man looks in mirror
When was the last time you heard the term “metrosexual”? Popularized in the mid-1990’s as a way to describe men who take great care in their appearance, the term has lost some of its oomph today, as more and more men fit this description. Simply put, yesterday’s metrosexual is becoming today’s common man. These days, newer terms such as “manscaping” and “brotox” have been ingrained into pop culture. This further suggests that men today are taking a greater interest in their appearance than ever before. Read more

Pay Attention to Your Presentation!

Okay folks- how many of you know someone who refuses to FaceTime with you because they hate the way they look on screen? Maybe you yourself refuse to indulge in the taking of selfies - hating to be reminded of the imperfection that always seems to catch your eye in the mirror… Read more