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3 beauty tools your clutch is missing


Mascara smudges, spinach-spotted teeth, and wardrobe malfunctions! Oh my! Life happens, and so do accidents. All it takes in one to remember that thing you should have slipped in your clutch “just in case”. Here are 3 things to keep on hand to handle anything.

  1. A multitasker

    Waterproof makeup doesn’t always make it to the top of the priority list, so for days when you get caught in a rain storm, or just have a little bit of excess – ahem – dew, make sure you’re stocked with a multitasker. That can mean an eyeshadow that you thinks looks good as a blush, or a blush that doubles as a lip product. Keeping one in your stash will put the odds in your favor when it comes time to touch up as much as you can after a makeup meltdown. Both NARS The Multiple and Benefit’s suite of lip and cheek tints fit this category nicely!

  2. Concealer

    For the same reasons mentioned above, it’s also a good idea to keep your go-to concealer at the ready. Want to be prepared for anything? Rather than packing an individual shade, throw in a concealer palette to get even more functionality. There are quite a few available out there, and they cover a range of needs. Learn about my top 5 in the video below to see if there’s one that fits yours!

  3. Minimergency Kit

    This list would have been longer, but the last must-have is nearly a cure-all. The geniuses at Pinch Provisions have created a kit specifically for life’s emergencies, and they’ve managed to fit it into a modest rectangular pouch. But don’t let its size fool you! Inside, you’ll find 17 tools to get you through a tough spot – some you never would have even thought to pack. With everything from stain remover to a deodorant towelette, and even the tiniest bottle of clear nail polish you’ve ever seen, this kit comes prepared to help you handle anything from