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What Does Your Red Lipstick Say to Men

Over the years, I have found that red lipstick catches most mens’ attention, more so than other colors. With so many different types of red, learn what message you are sending out and how men perceive you.

First up is one of my favorite red lip colors; Portofino Red with Warm Poppy lip liner by Laura Mercier.
It is an orange-red that is rich and creamy. Because of its orange under tone, it can be worn with the oddest color of clothing  that you would never think could be worn with a red lipstick such as blue or green. This shade of lipstick has “fun” written all over it. Wear this lipstick and it is guaranteed to pull in all the young, fun boys!






Dior’s 752 Rouge Favori in combination with their 952 lipliner is definitely a showstopper ! It is a pink-red that is cool toned, super hydrating, with a silky texture. This lipstick screams, look at me, I am daring ! Risk- taking men of all kinds will be mesmerized by you !



Lastly is Bobbi Brown’s Crimson paired with her Sangria lipliner. This is a rich red wine color that is uber pigmented and moisturizing. A true vampy color, this lipstick is dark and mysterious. Every man will be wanting to know who this mysterious woman is!