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Try this inexpensive contouring powder for your next date

1 When Kim Kardashian posted the ever so famous contouring and highlighting picture on Instagram, all make up junkies alike ran to get lighter and darker shades of foundation, concealers, and powders to duplicate the look. Its no wonder that companies like Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Motives Cosmetics came out with contouring/highlighting palettes.

For the every day makeup user, purchasing pricey palettes with colors they will never use is not feasible. Countouring and highlighting can be done with creams or powders or both. I prefer to use powder, it is my preference, there is no wrong or right way. 

Being a professional make up artist, I have palettes I use on my clients but recently I was looking for a single contouring powder for myself. 

It was when I was at my local Target that I stumbled upon a bronzer in the Queen for Queen Latifah collection by Covergirl. To not confuse anyone I will define what a contouring powder vs a bronzing powder is. A contouring powder is a darker shade powder that is matte, no sparkle or shimmer and is used to accentuate the hollows of your cheek bones, make your forehead, nose, and chin appear smaller.

A bronzing powder is generally applied all over your face to make you appear that you have gotten a tan or a sun kissed glow, it usually has shimmer or sparkle but it also comes in matte formulas. Contouring powders are generally used just to contour but bronzing powders could be used for an all over bronzing effect and for contouring. 

Queen’s bronzing powder vs other bronzing powders

Queen’s bronzing powder vs other bronzing powders

Having said that, I analyzed the Queens’ bronzing powder through the plastic package; I had never tried any of her bronzers before and there were no testers available. I decided to purchase the darkest one which is Ebony.  

I am of a medium- light skin tone during the summer so I felt this would suit me. 

I took it home not knowing if I was going to like it. But once I tried it, I fell in love! 

When I purchased this bronzer, over a month ago, it was $5.49. It is now $6.99, still a good price for a phenomenal contouring powder. It has very little sparkle, almost matte, and is a rich brown color that blends in ever so nicely. I apply it very lightly, if you feel this color is too dark for you, no worries, there are 2 other lighter colors: Light Bronze and Brown Bronze. 


Happy contouring!