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When relationships change should your expectations as well?

Sherri Shepard and Lamar SallyHeight, weight, eye color – things like this are easy to evaluate right off the bat because lets face it, character assessment takes much more time.

So if you are all skin and bones and the man you meet likes curvy women, you may not be a match.

If a woman can’t stand being taller than the man she’s dating, and you’re one of the nicest guys in the world but only 5′ 1″ there’s a chance date number 3 may not happen.

But what happens when you are already in a relationship – or marriage – and the other person wakes up one morning and suddenly has demands – about your weight and much more?

Change the locks you say? I know I would.

That’s what happened to “The View” host Sherri Shepherd, according to a new report. Her soon-to-be ex-husband Lamar Sally created an amendment to their prenup – after they were married- stating some of the most ridiculous things anyone has ever heard.

Among the reported clauses Mr. Sally wanted Sherri to sign off on:

1. “My body is important to me. I strive to maintain a healthy body weight and exercise at least three times a week.”

Um, what ? No one aside from a personal trainer should be telling a woman when they should and should not exercise, let alone make them sign something promising to adhere to a schedule. If he wanted her at the gym three times a week, he should have married a Zumba instructor.

2. “I enjoy having sex with my husband. I crave intimacy with him and want to be uninhibited and free in our lovemaking.”

Is this guy so insecure that he needed her to sign off on this? Isn’t this naturally what you agree to in a marriage – and when I say “agree to” I mean why would you marry someone if you don’t enjoy having sex with them?

3. “I respect my husband’s opinions and recognize him as the leader of our home. I will always speak well of my husband.”

He may as well have stuffed her, attached strings, written a script and read that line himself mimicking her voice. Isn’t respect another unspoken promise when you MARRY someone? And how can a woman put in writing that she will always speak well of her husband? What if her husband sleeps with his secretary and carries on an affair with a prostitute at the same time while also seducing her sister? Is she going to speak well of him then? I would hope not.

The happy ending to all of this is the fact that Sherri never signed this crazy amendment. Either she has incredible lawyers or she’s a smart woman. But one thing she is not is a puppet (or on an exercise schedule someone else set for her) or married to Mr. Sally anymore. What would you do in her situation?