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When relationships change should your expectations as well?

Sherri Shepard and Lamar Sally
Height, weight, eye color - things like this are easy to evaluate right off the bat because lets face it, character assessment takes much more time. So if you are all skin and bones and the man you meet likes curvy women, you may not be a match. If a woman can't stand being taller than the man she's dating, and you're one of the nicest guys in the world but only 5' 1" there's a chance date number 3 may not happen. Read more

What we can learn from Robin Thicke’s Marriage Ending

Robin Thicke
Who’s with me when I say last summer it was very difficult – difficult at the level of passing up a buy-one, get-one shoe sale – to watch Robin Thicke, a married man of 8 years, at the MTV Video Music Awards grinding against a scantily-clad 20+ years younger Miley Cyrus? But probably even more difficult was watching Thicke’s wife, actress Paula Patton, field interview questions following the disgusting performance. She smiled through her teeth, she downplayed it as best as she could, she stood by her husband’s choice to wear an outfit resembling Beetlejuice and even moreso his decision to allow the “Miley monkey” (as I like to call her) climb all over him. Read more