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How to meet men online

Every day in a magazine or on a website, you’ll read a story about some woman who met her dream man online. You’ll hear all about how he swept her off her feet, how they fell madly in love, and how they now live in a beautiful house with their two children and a dog.

So why do YOU find it so difficult to meet a man online? Why isn’t online dating working for you yet?

Why do you always end up with the perverts who just want some “happy time” on webcam with you?

Here’s the thing. Online dating can be a great way to meet and date men, BUT it can be time consuming and frustrating unless you know what you’re doing. You need to know how to spot the genuine guys from the scams, and you have to learn how to spot the men who have a superhero version of themselves on their dating profile.

You know, the guys who say they’re “tall, dark, rich, and handsome,” and then when you meet them they’re short, fat, and ride a bicycle to the date.

Well, recently David and I did a video where we reveal some of the secrets to meeting decent, relationship-ready men online, and I reveal how your friends could hold the key to you meeting the man of your dreams.