The Love Hunt

Guys don’t like being hunted, so girls, why are you hunting?

A girl on the prowl, hunting for a man

I often wonder this question when I scope out the scene at a nightclub or while watching reality TV like The Real World or The Real Housewives franchise, or even in my personal life observing strangers, friends and friends of friends interacting with guys. I can’t help but notice one common denominator between them all: that more times than not, the girls were pursuing the guys first, or what I like to call ‘hunting’. And I always think the same thing to myself, ‘if only she knew what she is doing is actually a big turn off’. In this article I’m going to tell you why no girl should never ever, ever be a ‘hunter’.

The ‘hunter’ is a type of girl who pursues a guy instead of being pursued, she doesn’t waste any time and will stop at nothing to assert herself in any situation just to snag the guy before all the other girls can. But she is forgetting that by doing so not only establishes herself as having masculine energy, which in itself is unattractive to men, but she is making a foolish move for herself in the game of love. She quite literally gives away every single card and power she had, which unfortunately results in the guy figuring her out all too soon and becoming disinterested even sooner.

Hitting on a guy you are skipping a step in the natural progression of a relationship, namely the ‘hunting’ stage and the ‘courting’ stage.

“Guys don’t like being pursued it takes all the fun away”, a line I consistently hear from various guys from all walks of life. What the ‘hunters’ are not realizing is that guys really enjoy the chase, so by not allowing them to chase you you are actually turning them off and simultaneously making yourself look not as desirable as you would be if you were making him work for your affection. Hitting on a guy you are skipping a step in the natural progression of a relationship, namely the ‘hunting’ stage and the ‘courting’ stage.

This is a truth seen everywhere in life, like observing animals in nature, you seldom see the female pursue the male, rather it is the male who pursues and courts the female, ritualistically gathering nesting materials, combating other males, etc. But interestingly enough, something that seems so natural and instinctual has actually gone askew in our culture, and you can witness such role reversal in everyday life as the new normal.

Situations like getting the guys number first, giving the guy your number without him asking, throwing yourself at him at the club, dancing like you are having sex, sleeping with him on the first night you meet him, texting him first the day after, etc. are all major fails! I am not saying being aggressive in life is a bad thing, this is not the point, I am saying that it is not feminine to be aggressive when it comes to finding a potential love interest. So Girls, you are being way too easy! Where did all your game go, all the sass? Hasn’t Beyoncé taught you anything?

Simply put, guys are not attracted to being hunted because hunting and pursuing for love and sex is just not feminine. So do yourself a favor and jut sit back, relax, look pretty and make him work it!