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How to Help a Man Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

Frustrated man deals with erectile dysfunctionThe stats say around 1 in 10 men suffer from ongoing erectile dysfunction, and that something like 1 in 4 have trouble “getting hard” at least once during their life. But as a woman, what can you do if you’re in bed with a man with erectile dysfunction? Do you ignore it, or should you say something?

Here are the 3 things every woman should remember when your man is having problems “performing” in the bedroom…

1. Don’t Take It Personally

So many women contact me asking whether there’s something wrong with THEM because their man has erectile dysfunction. I get emails all the time from women asking why their boyfriend or husband doesn’t desire them anymore, or whether it’s a sign that the man is having an affair. The thing you need to remember is…

The problem is nothing to do with the way you look, and it has no reflection on how desirable you are to your man. In fact, one of the problems is probably that your man finds you so attractive and desirable; he’s putting too much pressure on himself to perform.

He’s so eager to please you and satisfy you in bed, he’s got into his head and given himself performance anxiety. Don’t huff and puff about it, and don’t get in a mood. It’s not because he doesn’t want you. Most the time it’s quite the opposite.

2. Take The Pressure Off Him

The first thing you need to do to help a man with erection problems is to take as much pressure off him as possible. Instead of trying even harder to turn him on, stop what you’re doing and break the moment. Look him in the eyes and ask him, “Shall we cuddle for a bit?”

That way he doesn’t have to worry about trying to get hard. The more you try to work him and get him going, the more pressure you’re putting on him to perform and the more into his head he’s going to be. When you first realize he’s having a “problem” give it a few minutes to get out his own head, and if he’s still struggling, stop and relax him.

3. Don’t Make A Big Thing Of It

You don’t need to have a big conversation about it. You both know what the problem is. He’s having problems getting hard. Don’t go overboard with your “Don’t worry. We can do it another time.”

It’s fine to let him know you don’t mind and you love him, but don’t patronize him or he’ll go into his head even more. Just let him know you’re cool with it, and move on. Don’t try to analyze why he’s having the issue. If he wants to talk to you about it, he will.

In the video below, I reveal why some men suffer with performance anxiety, and talk openly about my own problems in the past. It’s VERY eye opening, and it could just change the life of your man forever!