7 Sexy makeup looks for your holiday parties

Sexy MakeupHoliday parties are the perfect place to meet an amazing guy. The drinks are flowing, everyone’s in a good mood, the men are all in suits and you’re looking sexy to the max. What could be better? By now, I’m sure you’ve already picked up your holiday party dress and shoes. So, you need to figure out an amazing makeup look! I don’t know about you all, but I always turn to YouTube for inspiration on makeup. There are some really talented women, and a few really great guys, too, doing awesome makeup tutorials. I picked a few of my favorite vloggers to highlight below. They all have very different takes on holiday sexy and I think you’ll find something to inspire you in each video.

MissLizHeart’s Long lasting look

I love her tip for avoiding foundation creasing in fine lines. I’d never thought of baking smile lines before! It’s genius. Also, she has some really good tips for dry skin throughout the video.

Kandee Johnson’s Everyday look with red lips

Kandee is a legit makeup artist. I’d definitely recommend going through her videos and checking out some of her work. Here, she goes through her everyday makeup routine, which has a pretty basic eye look. Then, she glams it up with a bold red lip. Even though this is her everyday routine, if you’re a minimal makeup girl, this look could be perfect for a holiday party.

Makeup Geek’s Holiday glam look

Marlena, who’s the woman in this video, is such an inspiration. She started doing makeup videos online and parlayed her digital popularity into an amazing makeup line. If you haven’t tried Makeup Geek products, you really need to check them out. Here, she gets really technical with some eye makeup and clearly explains how to do it yourself with any color combination you want. It’s so versatile.

Christen Dominique’s Holiday makeup

This is a more dramatic than normal smoky eye with a massive wing. If you’re a smoky eye beginner, this is the perfect video for you because she gives a lot of detail on how to make a smoky eye work. (Spoiler alert: The main thing with smoky eyes is blend, blend, blend!) And I love the dress she has on in her final look. Kinda want to SWF her and wear this in New Year’s Eve!

Dulce Candy’s Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette tutorial

This is another one that wasn’t created for holiday specifically, but the look would be amazing with any holiday dress! And the Gwen Stefani palette is going to be in a lot of stockings this year since it just released in time for the holidays. So, it felt like it had to be included!

Casey Holmes’s Date night tutorial

This is a look that would make a normal black dress feel very holiday festive. It’s so romantic and sexy and whimsical. If you had this on, any dude talking to would be mesmerized. Just look at those lips!

Nicole Guerriero’s Holiday party look

Nicole is one of my YouTube favorites. She’s totally self-taught, which is really impressive. This tutorial is my favorite of the bunch because she shows two different lips at the end and demonstrates how a little lip color can completely change a look. It might inspire you to simply change up the lips on your everyday makeup look to see what the impact is!

Happy holidays, my loves! Hope this makeup inspiration helps you to feel like the sexiest version of yourself!