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How to spend the holidays separately and not drift apart

Sometimes couples have to spend the holidays separately. Normally, this isn’t anyone’s first choice, but less-than-ideal circumstances pop up. And here’s the thing about less-than-ideal circumstances…they don’t respect the holiday calendar. So, if your boo and you can’t be together this December and you’re worried about feeling too separate from each other or drifting apart, here’s what to do. Read more

How to buck his family’s holiday tradition without hurting anyone’s feelings

The holidays – and kinda winter in general – are packed full of family togetherness, family traditions and, of course, family drama. If you’re seriously dating or married to a man, chances are, you’re one of the newer members of his family clan. That means you’re not as steeped in his family’s traditions and probably not as into them as the rest of his family. If you’re hoping to change some element of his family’s traditions – doing Christmas with his parents, sticking to an ugly sweater-only gift exchange or going to a religious ceremony, for example – here’s how to do it without hurting anyone’s feelings. Read more

What to do if your boo gets you a terrible gift

Holiday time can feel really high stakes when you’re in a relationship. And one of the elements that makes the month of December feel like a romantic pressure cooker is gifting. For some people, gifts are really important. For example, gifts are crucial to me because they’re one of my two main love languages. But other people really don’t think about gifts that much. Then you add in pricing and thoughtfulness and the element of surprise and you have a whole lot of complicating factors that can add up to either a really great gifting experience or a completely crummy one. Read more

25 of Patti’s favorite gifts, all under $100

It’s holiday time. And even with all the holiday cheer, sometimes it’s hard to feel the joy when you’re stressed about emptying your entire bank account to pay for expensive gifts. I’m right there with you, girl! But guess what? Being thoughtful and generous over the holidays doesn’t have to mean shelling out your life savings. Awesome gifts can be budget-friendly if you know where to find them. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite things that cost less than $100. These are 25 Patti Approved Products, so you know that means they’re not just good gifts... Read more

What your boo’s holiday plans mean for your relationship

The holidays are a wonderful time for romance and relationships. One of the things that makes this time of the year so great for relationships is that you can use clues from your boo’s holiday plans to figure out where exactly you stand. I’m all about communication and being open with each other, but sometimes, you need more than words to figure out where your boo’s head and heart are. And their holiday plans certainly tell all of that. Here’s what their plans mean. Read more

5 Holiday gift ideas for the millionaire lady who has everything

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re dating a millionaire lady, that means that you’re in store for a whole lot of “what to get her” stress. I’m hoping I can cut down on that stress and help you focus on holiday cheer with a list of gift ideas that I’m positive every single millionaire lady would love. And yes, even millionaire ladies who already have everything. Here are my top five picks for gifts for her this year. Read more
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