What your boo’s holiday plans mean for your relationship

The holidays are a wonderful time for romance and relationships. One of the things that makes this time of the year so great for relationships is that you can use clues from your boo’s holiday plans to figure out where exactly you stand. I’m all about communication and being open with each other, but sometimes, you need more than words to figure out where your boo’s head and heart are. And their holiday plans certainly tell all of that. Here’s what their plans mean.

You’re visiting their folks

This is a dynamite sign about where your relationship is now and where it’s headed. Bringing you home means that they’re proud to be dating you and really want to invest in your future together. It also means they’re willing to be vulnerable with you. Sharing your family with a significant other is super intimate and risky. Your boo being willing to do this with you means that they’re comfortable with you, which of course is a good thing.

They’re visiting your folks

This is the ultimate in relationship holiday plans. If your boo decided to go home with you instead of hang out with their own family, you two are on the path to a forever kind of love. The fact that your boo chose your family over theirs for an important holiday means that your boo is ready to invest in you big time. No one’s immediately comfortable in someone else’s family’s home and being willing to undergo that discomfort to move forward in your relationship is a big freaking deal. Congrats!

Not 100% sure

If you two haven’t communicated about holiday plans by now, that’s probably not a great sign. It means that you two aren’t clear or easy communicators. Of course, that’s a problem that can be solved with effort and practice. So, don’t give up entirely. But, even if you just started dating, you should know your boo’s travel plans for the holidays. If this confusion is more due to a lack of commitment to holiday plans or hazy details, that’s just as no bueno. Get those communication skills in order and figure out what’s going on for the holidays if you want this relationship to work.

Separate but in touch

If you two aren’t spending the holidays together, but you’re in touch, that can be just as good as your boo visiting your family, if you’re OK with that. If you wanted you boo to come home with you and they wouldn’t, of course that’s a problem. But, being separate but in touch can be a really good way to spend the holidays if you two think it’s a really good way. This one is really all in the eye of the be-holidayer. (Did that work? Just say yes!)

You’ll be in touch by New Year’s

Um, I have some bad news. If you don’t think you’ll hear from your boo until New Year’s Eve, you might not have a boo. You seem to just have a booty call. And there’s no shame or blame in wanting to get a little action on the regular, but this isn’t more than that. As long as you’re comfortable with what’s going on, more power to you. If you want a real boo, ditch this New Year’s Eve hook up potential and focus on finding a true mate.

Happy holidays to you and your relationship. Hope your boo’s holiday plans work out just how you want them to!