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Dress like a millionaire in whites that last way past Labor Day

Labor Day is coming up. And while the end of summer traditionally means the end of your warm weather white ensembles, it totally doesn’t have to! White can be a year round color in your wardrobe if you pick the right pieces. In fact, I think year round white is a very classy style and can make anyone look like a millionaire if you do it right. So, I did some digital window shopping (and maybe did some actual shopping for myself on a few of these pieces... I couldn’t help myself!) and pulled out Read more

How to dress sexy in the winter

Winter is just a few weeks away and the weather is already getting chillier. Well, on some days in California it is. On some days, it’s still 90 degrees here! But, I know in the rest of the country, the air is getting brisker and serious weather is coming. I get asked every year how to dress sexy in the wintertime, especially on dates. And I’ve struggled with the same thing when I’ve been on the East Coast and wanted to feel like a babe on dates or at events. So, over the years, I’ve come up with a few sexy options that work in colder climates. Here they are. Read more

What a millionaire’s shoes say about him

Millionaire men can be difficult to read. It’s tough to get a sense of who they are at a glance because there’s often so much fanciness and fluff surrounding them. Did he make your super romantic date plans or did his assistant? Is eating at this well reviewed restaurant a special sign or just where he goes on Mondays? Is he dressed up or always wearing a suit? Well, after years of working with millionaire men, I’ve picked up some ways to make snap judgments about them. And I’m well aware of the adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I just don’t agree with it. How else are you supposed to judge a book? Why does so much work go into the cover art? How come books that are faced out on the shelf are so much more appealing to me than the ones that are spine out? Because you’ve got to judge a book on its cover! Read more

Summer shoes millionaires should buy their ladies

Summer is almost here and if that isn’t an occasion to celebrate your number one lady, I don’t know what is! Getting your gal a “just because” gift will earn you major brownie points. And it’s a fantastic way to kick off the new season. Shoes are always an appreciated gift. So, I picked a few out that I think just about any lady would love. Read more

What to wear to attract a millionaire man

I’ve written a ton about where to go to meet a guy, but meeting a man involves more than just being near him. You need to get his attention, too. And then, of course, it’s up to you and your charming personality to reel him in. But, between simply being in the right place and getting him to fall in love, there’s that initial attention grab. And a lot of that boils down to what you’re wearing. You need to put on specific things to get that specific kind of attention from a millionaire man. And here’s what those things are to attract millionaire men. Read more

7 Sexy makeup looks for your holiday parties

Holiday parties are the perfect place to meet an amazing guy. The drinks are flowing, everyone’s in a good mood, the men are all in suits and you’re looking sexy to the max. What could be better? By now, I’m sure you’ve already picked up your holiday party dress and shoes. So, you need to figure out an amazing makeup look! I don’t know about you all, but I always turn to YouTube for inspiration on makeup. There are some really talented women, and a few really great guys, too, doing awesome makeup tutorials. I picked a few of my favorite vloggers to highlight below. They all have very different takes on holiday sexy and I think you’ll find something to inspire you in each video. Read more