How to dress sexy in the winter

dress sexy winterWinter is just a few weeks away and the weather is already getting chillier. Well, on some days in California it is. On some days, it’s still 90 degrees here! But, I know in the rest of the country, the air is getting brisker and serious weather is coming. I get asked every year how to dress sexy in the wintertime, especially on dates. And I’ve struggled with the same thing when I’ve been on the East Coast and wanted to feel like a babe on dates or at events. So, over the years, I’ve come up with a few sexy options that work in colder climates. Here they are.

Thigh high boots

Thigh high boots are sexy no matter the climate, but they’re especially useful in the winter. A solid boot can turn most any outfit into something that’s warm enough to face the elements. I especially love a high boot with a pair of tights and a shorty short dress or skirt. You’re so warm but also showing off your stuff in a way that’s feminine and makes you feel sexy. Or, at least, it’s a look that makes me feel sexy! Boots work to sexify a pair of pants and warm sweater, too. Another plus is that a thigh high boot can be flat and super comfortable for walking while still looking totally together and feminine. Win!

Skinny pants

Some days are so cold that even two pairs of tights layered together won’t keep you warm enough. So, skirts are out and you need to wear pants. Skinny pants are the way to go if you want to feel sexy while you’re bundled up. Skinny pants still show your shape even though you’re completely covered. And your shape is sexy, girl! Skinny pants, like jeggings or leggings, are also aces in my book because they’re so comfortable. Most skinny pants have stretch in them. You feel like you’re in your pajamas but you look like a sexpot. Nothing better!


Just because you have to bundle up to go outside doesn’t mean you have to stay bundled once you’re indoors. Generally, places are so heated, you can dress like it’s summer indoors and still be comfortable. So, wear layers that are easy to remove once indoors. Maybe it’s a warm sweater that you take off to reveal a sheer shirt that you feel dynamite in. Or maybe it’s a big jacket that you shed to show off a structured blazer that you feel like a boss in. Dress in a way that’s flexible so you can be comfortable outdoors and a sex vixen inside without having to do a full costume change.

Car service

A good way to stay as warm as possible during the winter is to avoid being outside. I know this is pricey, but on special occasions, a car service or ride share service could save you lots of shivering time waiting for a bus or trudging to and from your parked car. If you’re barely outside, you don’t have to bundle up as much. I say when the occasion calls for it, treat yourself to door-to-door service so you can look and feel how you want to.

A warm coat

This ties in with the layering tip above. A warm coat is your ultimate key to dressing sexy this winter. If your coat is quality, you should be able to wear nearly anything (or nothing!) under it and be comfortable. I say if you’re going to splurge on one thing this winter, make it a coat. Then you can recycle all of your sexy warm weather gear year round!

Hope this helps you sex up your style this winter!