5 Easy ways to feel a whole lot sexier

We all get the icks every once in a while when we feel less than super about ourselves physically. Maybe you just got over a cold so you couldn’t work out for a week or went through a super stressful time at work where you wore the same boring few outfits for days on end or simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It happens. Self-confidence, especially in how we feel physically, can go up and down based on pretty small things. That’s totally normal and nothing to beat yourself up over. But, why not try to kick the icks as quickly as possible, right? Here are five super easy ways to feel sexier that always work for me when I’m not feel great about myself physically.

Go for a walk

Getting your body moving can do wonders for how you feel. But the term “working out” can be daunting for a lot of people… and even for me sometimes. I love working out generally, but I have my moments when I feel like I don’t have the time or energy. I can always make time for a ten-minute walk, though. And I’m always glad I did. There’s just something about getting my blood flowing, going outside and using my body to do something that makes me feel a million times better about myself. Try it for yourself. Guaranteed there’s nothing that will make you feel sexier in ten minutes than moving!

Treat yourself

Sometimes you need to remind yourself how sexy and special you are by treating yourself like you are! Go ahead and get yourself something or do something for yourself that will make you feel dynamite. Maybe it’s a quick mani or a new lip gloss. Download that book you’ve been wanting to read, upgrade to a large latte tomorrow morning, watch two full episodes of whatever HGTV show is your favorite or light that candle you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Treat yourself like you’re in a high self esteem moment with a lot to celebrate and you just might trick yourself into actually feeling it.

Do what you’re best at

Being good at something feels good. I know that’s not a mind-blowing truth bomb or anything, but use this to your advantage. When you’re not feeling your best, do what you’re best at. And it can be silly stuff. Maybe you’re really good at a video game, play that! Or if you’re good with Microsoft Excel, focus on that part of your job today and really revel in how efficient you are. It can be anything from flower arranging to Sudoku to Emoji jokes. Stupid nonsense stuff can make you feel like crap, but stuff that’s just as silly can make you feel better. So, leverage it!

Get it on

Sex is sexy! (Again, I get this isn’t Nobel Prize winning research findings!) I understand that when you’re not feeling sexy, you may not feel up for sex. I say push through any self-esteem related sex hesitation because once you do, you’ll be in the moment and feeling good and back to your sexy self. And, sex doesn’t have to be with someone else. Getting it on with yourself can be very sexy and check all the boxes you need to remind you that you’re a sexy goddess again!

Look at old pics

I’ve had many periods in my life when I didn’t feel great about myself physically and then, years later, I’ll look back at pictures from those times and think to myself, “Damn! I was a total babe then! Why didn’t I feel like a superstar?” Chances are, you’re having one of those moments now, when your sexy levels have plummeted emotionally, but physically, you’re still very much a hottie! Sometimes you just need a little jolt to remember that you can be your harshest critic. If you were to view yourself with a little distance, you’d see yourself for the vixen you are. For me, looking at old pictures reminds me to have some perspective and makes me feel tons better.

You’re a sexy beast, lady! And it’s OK to be a sexy beast who’s having a bad day. We’ve all been there. Hopefully these five tips will help you feel more like yourself!