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Do You Want To Know What Men Find REALLY Sexy in A Woman?

Look: every man is different. But… if I line up a million men in one line, this is what they would all agree is sexy in a woman…

A woman who takes care of herself.

If you sit with men on the beach, they are notoriously prone to checking out women in cute little bathing suits.

Men love checking out women.

When a man finds a woman to love or to be with, he loves checking her out. He loves to look at her.

He loves to see her in the bathing suit.

He loves to watch her get dressed in the morning so he can take a sneak peak at her body.

He loves when he sees her in her bra and panties.

He loves when she wears his favorite outfit.

He loves when she dresses the way that he likes.

He loves when she pulls her hair back or puts her hair up or wears her hair down, because he can see her beautiful face.

Men love when a woman takes care of herself. He loves it and he admires it.
He loves when she looks good for him. It makes him feel really good.

When his woman works out, goes to the gym, goes to yoga, takes long walks…

Whatever her mode of exercise is, he loves when a woman takes care of herself. He loves that she takes care of her body. He loves that, even after a long day, she goes to exercise. Because he knows that he can admire it later on.

Men really appreciate these little things.

Because men are visual.

It’s funny, a lot of women think that men worry they will eventually look like their mother.

I never thought about that at all because for a lot of the women that I dated, their mothers were out of shape and from a whole different generation of eating, taking care of themselves, and exercising.
It was a different generation.

We live in a more “take care of ourselves,” fitness generation now, where we can take herbs and vitamins and do wonderful things for ourselves.

A man loves when a woman gets her nails done.

A man loves when a woman gets her hair done.

A man loves and finds sexy when a woman wears what he likes.

But really, deep down, a man really loves when a woman takes care of herself. It’s so important.

Let me tell you a little story…

I friend of mine married someone who took care of herself every day and had a few kids. Then, she stopped taking care of herself.
And in turn, they stopped having sex.

They both got depressed, they started arguing and fighting and the sex was entirely gone.

His wife went to a therapist, who said, “What’s the difference between now and when your husband met you?”
She goes, “I don’t look as good.”

The therapist said, “I sit here and I can tell you many things and how to talk to your husband, many things on how to approach him.

“Ways to get him turned on again.

“But in reality he’s got a vision of what you used to look like. So go to the gym, work out and watch what happens.”

She went to the gym no matter how difficult it was some days, she went to the gym because she had one goal in mind. She wanted her husband to look at her the same way.

Did her body go to pre-child body? No.

But her muscles looked great, everything tightened up, everything looked the way he loved.

They started having sex again. She started wearing bikinis again.

He started chasing her again.

Even those she was a lot older.

Even though she had lines on her face.

A few gray hairs some extra pounds breast that weren’t as perky, it didn’t matter to him because he was chasing after the hot young thing that he loves, her. He loved when she took care of herself it made him feel sex as well because during the entire marriage he never stopped working out and making sure he looked his best even though he had half the hair he used to have it never stopped him from wanting t be the sexiest he could for his woman

We all know you’re going to age. We all know that things will change. But…

We live in a world where there are better choices in food, so many options of exercise.

There’s the pilates method.


The bar method.

Zumba classes.


Private trainers.

So many options.

And there’s definitely one for all of you.

When it comes down to food, we know so much about nutrition and how to look and stay and feel good.

Maybe it’s time you stopped eating like you did when you were a teenager.

I know it might be hard to give up the burritos and the M&Ms.

But if it means having your man look at you, admire you, and see how beautiful you are, and know that he thinks you’re sexy again…

Isn’t it worth it?

This is what men find sexy and like: when their woman takes care of themselves.

And the same goes for men. I tell them all the time.

Don’t sit around and eat the sandwich on the couch, sucking down the Diet Coke or the Coke.

Eating the bag of Dorito’s and having the ice cream afterwards.

I tell them the same thing. Get your ass to the gym. Work your muscles, look good naked, and allow your women to equally admire you.

We all admire when our lover takes care of themselves. It’s so sexy. And hopefully this inspired you to do some of the things you might have put off.

Be the best version of yourself.

Be the sexiest naked that you can be.

That is what men find sexy.
The other night we went out with a large group of people and there were several women who were not super pretty, but all of the men there talked to them and wanted to be around them.
Why? Because they took care of themselves their bodies looked nice.
They dressed cute.

They exuded confidence by how they spoke.
They were open and they all had amazing smiles that showed they really loved themselves and took care of themselves.

That is super sexy to men.

We don’t expect you to be 22 again, but how about being the best 47, the best 52, the best 62 you can be.

And here’s more piece of advice: don’t date a guy who isn’t willing to be the same as you.

That way, if you both care about yourself and desire to be sexy, you can motivate one another on a daily basis.