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How to dress sexy in the winter

Winter is just a few weeks away and the weather is already getting chillier. Well, on some days in California it is. On some days, it’s still 90 degrees here! But, I know in the rest of the country, the air is getting brisker and serious weather is coming. I get asked every year how to dress sexy in the wintertime, especially on dates. And I’ve struggled with the same thing when I’ve been on the East Coast and wanted to feel like a babe on dates or at events. So, over the years, I’ve come up with a few sexy options that work in colder climates. Here they are. Read more

You are so hot

You are so hot. Everything about you is incredible. The way you smile. The way you bring your eyes close when you see something for the very first time. The way you walk. The way you talk. I love when we get into the water. You have the look of a little girl going swimming for the very first time. Read more

Date Makeup According to Science

Use Your Eyes:

Eyes are historically known as the most magnetic part of one's personality. Large eyes signal high fertility from a biological perspective and this may explain why study after study shows that women with larger eyes are seen as more attractive. This is why batting the eyelashes has been used for centuries to get attention as well as make the eyes stand out. Read more