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You are so hot

lookinghotYou are so hot.

Everything about you is incredible. The way you smile. The way you bring your eyes close when you see something for the very first time. The way you walk. The way you talk. I love when we get into the water. You have the look of a little girl going swimming for the very first time.

Whenever we check into a hotel together, you always want to test out the bed and jump on it. It’s so cute. Everything about you makes you so damn hot!

AND relax…

You know we don’t know each other at all. I don’t even know if you like to jump on the bed when you go into a hotel or not. I don’t even know what you look like. But how does it make you feel being complimented?

How does it feel, even when it’s coming from a total stranger?

You’re so hot. You’re sexy. I like you. I think you’re wonderful. I think you’re smart. You are the most positive, amazing woman I’ve ever met!

What I want you to do now is I want you to read those statements above out loud and just pretend that I’m saying them to you. How does it make you feel?

It should make you feel wonderful because whenever we reach out and compliment someone and tell them how we feel or what we think about them, it should make you feel good. No matter where you are in your life right now, whether you’re single, whether you’re in a relationship, today, I want you to do something a little different for me.

If you’re in a relationship, I’d like you to go home or go upstairs, call the person you’re in a relationship with, and tell them three amazing things you love about them. Even if you’re fighting, brawling, and angry at each other. I want you to step outside yourself and I want you to make that phone call.

If you’re single, I want you to think about someone you’re attracted to. That’s right. This is going to be very challenging. I want you to text that person, call that person, or the next time you see that person today, I want you to pay them a compliment. I want you to tell them how awesome they are. I want you to tell them that they’re full of awesomeness.

I want you to tell them that you enjoy their company, smile around them, or tell them something wonderful about themselves.

Why? Because the world needs more compliments. The world needs more love.

The world needs more people opening up. We’re all waiting for each other to make the first move, when in reality we should be authentic and be complimenting each other because that opens up a whole different energy.

Appreciating people is important in so many ways. I think it’s time that we did a little more of that. I know it might be challenging for you to do this but I think today is going to be great. Today is going to be the day you’re going to allow other people to see just how wonderful you think they are.

And don’t you forget how incredible you are — you wonderful, amazing, sexy, beautiful woman that I don’t even know. I’m just giving you a big virtual hug. Go out there and do this exercise today!

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Photo credit: Aaron Webb / CC BY-NC-SA