Is Not Having Time to Date a Legit Excuse?

workingwomanCommon questions and comments all single people get are, “well are you seeing anyone special?”, “are you dating around?” and our favorite, “Oh… you must have such an exciting dating life.”. We could be wrong here, but for most, the first question that comes to mind is, who has time to actively date anymore?

As girls in this exact demographic, trust us, we are aware of how crazy busy our schedules are. The time constraints are UNREAL. However, we want to argue that the excuse of not having time to date is actually BS. There is time to date, if you make time to date. That little italicized part right there is the key to this whole equation.

So to be fair, let’s break down why us young millennials think we have NO time. We are about to give ya’ll some credit here! So what exactly makes up our busy schedules?

  1. Work: When you’re in your twenties, it’s inevitable that you are working your ass off to establish yourself in your career. Between stress from bosses, and late night hours, it can be a lot to handle.
  2. Hobbies: It’s rare for a day job to be a hobby as well. For us, our hobby is blogging. Working and keeping up with a blog is nearly impossible sometimes, but it’s what we love! Hobbies are what we actually enjoy doing, and we shouldn’t keep ourselves from them.
  3. Health and fitness: At the end of the work day when all you want is your bed and/or some form of alcohol, the gym resembles a real hell on earth. However, you belong to the “fit” generation that is all organic, low carb, and has turned workouts like “CrossFit” into literal televised competitions. Therefore, you can’t dare sacrifice your gym time.
  4. Free time: When the weekend comes around, the only thing you want to do is dedicate 100% of your free time to your best friends, who have become what seems like strangers over the long and stressful work week.You’re too busy with work, the gym, hobbies, and we don’t know… sleeping? during the week to make enough time to really catch up.

After breaking down what makes up our schedules, squeezing dating into our complicated lives really does seem impossible. As much as all of the above listed are legitimate barriers to dating, they should by no means limit you to not dating at all. If you really genuinely want to fit dating into your schedule, you can.

Take for example, when you added a new gym routine. It seemed like a complete bitch at first, right? After a couple of weeks, the new gym schedule seems to be part of your day-to-day, and you wonder how you thought you didn’t have time for it before. The same analogy can be used for dating. Below are steps to help you focus and make time to date.

  1. Make it a priority: This is the first and most important step to finding time to date.To be able to squeeze romance into our lives, we need to first make it a priority. We can do so by setting a goal that we are comfortable with, and sticking to it how we would any other obligation. Examples are to vow to: go on one date, make one call, or attend one dating event per week.
  2. Change up your “usual” spots: As creatures of habit we like doing the same things, and go to the same places all the time, inherently seeing the exact same people and familiar strangers. Have you ever thought about going to a different Starbucks in the morning? Have you ever thought about taking your hobby that you love somewhere different, or public? New places give you the opportunity to meet new people!
  3. Grow some balls: When you’re at all bar balls deep in conversation with your bestie, have you ever thought about picking those balls up and actually approaching the hottie across the bar? Probably not, so try it!

We would never argue that we aren’t we are busy people, we really are! However, having no time should not be a reason we aren’t dating. If finding your next romance is something you actually want, it’s simple! Make dating a priority, set your goals, and get creative!

Photo credit: Sushicam / CC BY-NC-ND