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3 summer dating resolutions every single girl needs to make

summer dating tipsMemorial Day has come and gone, which means summer has started in the eyes of everyone who owns white denim. Technically, we have a little bit longer until the official start of summer, though. So, you have time to make your summer dating resolutions, single girls. (Yes, summer resolutions are a thing! They’re just like New Year’s resolutions, but for the summertime. Get it?) Here are my suggestions for what you should resolve to do.

Say yes more
You’re single. You have a world of possibility in front of you! You just need to step out there and embrace it! Do that by saying “yes” as much as possible. Even if the situation feels like a challenge or a little out of your comfort zone, assess what the risk is of saying yes and if it’s not too bad, go for it. For example, let’s just say a guy who’s way balder than what you’re typically attracted to asks you out for a date. Your gut reaction is probably to refuse him because you could never have a future with someone who looks like him. I say going ahead and accept the date because what are you really risking? Two hours and a nice meal? Not a big sacrifice. And the reward could be great! Bald men can be very charming!

Show more skin
I mean this literally and symbolically. Put yourself out there and be a flirt. Maybe that does mean actually showing more skin. Or it could just mean getting a little giggly with the man you’re with. Don’t be coy this summer. Be direct and loud about your intentions. Open yourself up by sending the message that you’re single and looking!

Date your friends
Single girls, don’t spend your entire season on the hunt for a man. You’d be missing out on one of the best part of life—friendship! Treat your friends as well as you treat the men you date. Plan events with them, dress up and make your time with them feel like special occasions. They may not be “the one” for you, but your friends are certainly the ones who make you feel confident on downer days, celebrate with you when you have a win and love you no matter what. They deserve the kind of thought and energy you put into your dating life. So, set aside at least one night a week as a friend date night.

So excited for summer, guys! I hope you are too!

Photo credit: Joel Bedford / CC BY-NC-ND