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10 Date ideas for when you’re stuck at home

I have a lot of couple friends with kids and they say it’s tough to keep the romance alive because they’re always stuck at home. I get it. Once you have kids, you feel like you have to trim back on date nights because babysitting’s so expensive. But, you actually don’t have to leave the house to have a cute date. If you plan for the night and both commit to treating it like a date, all you need to do is put the kids to bed and let the romance begin! Here are 10 date ideas for when you're stuck at home... Read more

Ask Emily: How Long Should I Wait Before Making a Date?

Lunch Date
Hi Emily, I learn so much from your podcasts! I am 36 and recently separated from a 16-year relationship. After waiting eight months, I decided I was ready to start dating again. A few colleagues of mine recommended some dating apps, so I checked them out. I went on two OKCupid dates and they went horribly. Then I gave it one last shot and started talking to a guy six years older than me. We have been talking for two weeks but haven't met in person yet. So far, our connection has been great! So here’s my question for you: is there a certain timeline to meet this guy and move forward from there? What do you suggest when it comes to going from cyber- and phone-chatting to meeting IRL? Read more

Fun & Sexy Date Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

Dear Emily, I'm 26 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. joker123 We do our best to keep things interesting, but this year my goal is help us spice things up even further! I've been attempting to plan bi-weekly date nights that will 1.) Help us turn up the romance outside the bedroom and 2.) Inspire us even more inside the bedroom. Read more

3 Amazingly original cold weather date ideas

Hey East Coast... and basically anywhere that’s not Southern California, I feel you! It’s cold! I get the chills just watching the weather reports. And cold weather doesn’t always lend itself to romance and fun date ideas. It’s hard to feel romantic and sexy when you can’t feel your fingers and your nose is running. I get it! But, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the spring thaw to get romantic and creative with dates. Read more

5 healthy, romantic meals to cook on a date

I always jokingly refer to the first time a man comes over for a home cooked meal as my "wife audition." It just feels like I'm in a reality competition to prove that I have what it takes to be the woman he wants. It's a lot of pressure! No man has ever left me based on my food, but I do think some men have fallen for me a little more because of my cooking. Read more

Is Not Having Time to Date a Legit Excuse?

Common questions and comments all single people get are, "well are you seeing anyone special?", "are you dating around?" and our favorite, "Oh… you must have such an exciting dating life.". We could be wrong here, but for most, the first question that comes to mind is, who has time to actively date anymore? As girls in this exact demographic, trust us, we are aware of how crazy busy our schedules are. The time constraints are UNREAL. However, we want to argue that the excuse of not having time to date is actually BS. There is time to date, if you make time to date. That little italicized part right there is the key to this whole equation. Read more