10 Date ideas for when you’re stuck at home

I have a lot of couple friends with kids and they say it’s tough to keep the romance alive because they’re always stuck at home. I get it. Once you have kids, you feel like you have to trim back on date nights because babysitting’s so expensive. But, you actually don’t have to leave the house to have a cute date. If you plan for the night and both commit to treating it like a date, all you need to do is put the kids to bed and let the romance begin! Here are 10 date ideas for when you’re stuck at home…

  1. Watch a movie, for real

In the age of binging Netflix, watching a movie together on the couch may not seem that exciting. But, it can be if you make it. Treat it like it’s a real movie. Decide what you’re going to see together, set a time and get real movie snacks. Make it an old school movie date instead of just crashing on the couch together.

  1. Cook

Here’s another one that’s all about what you make it. Remember the first time you two cooked together? Barely, right? Now it’s all about whoever gets home from work heating up some chicken nuggets. Well, slow down and recreate that first meal you guys made together.

  1. Craft

I love working with my hands, so I’m all about a craft project. You could work on something you need for the house or both try to paint the same picture, like one of those adult painting classes. It’s fun in the moment and you’ll have a memento of your romantic night, too.

  1. Ask questions

You guys know each other well, but you never know what you can find out about a person until you ask. Pick up one of those book of questions or just Google get-to-know-you questions and ask away.

  1. Read aloud

I love an audio book. Why not make your own? Better yet, get a good erotica book and read it aloud!

  1. Have sex

Once you have kids, sex can easily fall to the wayside. Don’t let it! Schedule in date nights for sex. I know it’s not spontaneous. But, spontaneity is for people without small children. Plus, it’s still romantic in my book.

  1. Get fancy

Order in a meal from the bougiest restaurant in town, put on your black tie outfits and open that nice bottle of champagne you’ve been saving. It’s a gala evening right in your kitchen.

  1. Plan a trip

Get online and plan the wildest and most luxurious fantasy trip. You don’t have to actually book it. Just look through travel porn and pick out where you would go if you could!

  1. Build a fire

I live in LA and so many places have working fireplaces that no one uses. I say use it! Get a fire going together, put blankets in front of it, make s’mores and cuddle.

  1. Cocktail competition

I always say no more than two drinks on a first date. But, guess what? This isn’t your first date. So, you can get a little tipsy! Each of you can make a cocktail or two or even a few from ingredients you have in your liquor cabinet and in the fridge. Then, have a taste off!

Hope that helps you homebound lovers keep the romance alive. Personally, I think home can be the sexiest place on the planet! So, you’re in the right place!