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5 healthy, romantic meals to cook on a date

roastedchickenI always jokingly refer to the first time a man comes over for a home cooked meal as my “wife audition.” It just feels like I’m in a reality competition to prove that I have what it takes to be the woman he wants. It’s a lot of pressure! No man has ever left me based on my food, but I do think some men have fallen for me a little more because of my cooking. I’m not a trained chef, but I’ve taught myself a few things from reading a lot of cookbooks, watching experts cook and, honestly, making a ton of mistakes. If anyone out there is going through her own “wife audition,” I thought I’d put together some easy and pretty healthy recipes that you can whip up for your man.

Ina’s perfect roast chicken

Don’t we all wish we knew Ina Garten? She’s just magic on television. I really feel like I’m there with her whenever I watch. And if there’s one thing this woman knows how to cook, it’s roast chicken. She makes one every week for her husband. It’s their Friday night tradition. How sweet, right? And this recipe couldn’t be more classic. She explains everything from how to cook to how to carve. You’re going to be so happy with the results.

Classic Italian turkey meatballs

Meatballs are the way to most men’s hearts. There’s just something really comforting about them. Switching out the tradition pork, beef and veal trio for turkey is a great way to keep them healthy and light while still serving up some serious comfort. And if you’re worried about losing flavor when you go for turkey, think again. Giada packs this recipe full of amazing flavors. No one will miss the red meat. Trust me.

Indonesian beef rendang

This recipe is for a more adventurous eater because it’s got a real kick to it. If your man is into new flavors, this is for you two. It’s a lot of time, but actually not that difficult or involved technically. This, rice and a nice salad and you have a very filling and very delicious meal. Make it brown rice if you really want to get healthy. And leftovers of this are so delish. Make a double batch!

Crunchtastic chicken lettuce cups

This recipe is so simple and really refreshing. I’ll be honest… this isn’t exactly a wow him with your cooking skills recipe. But, if you’re past the point of wowing your man and are more looking for something healthy to share together, this will do the trick. You really can’t get healthier!

How to make healthy banana ice cream

I don’t know about you guys, but it kind of kills me not to serve dessert when I’m entertaining. Dessert just feels like the part of the meal that turns dinner into an event. But, everyone’s trying to be healthier and stay away from sugar. So, it’s tough to find a dessert that everyone can partake in. Well, here’s a simple solution! It really is tasty and a nice sweet way to end a special meal without feeling like you blew your diet.

Happy cooking, my loves. Tag me in your pics if you try any of the above. I’d love to see them!

Photo credit: jules:stonesoup / CC BY