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3 Common dating rules you should never follow

datingrulesSome dating rules are meant to be broken. That’s just the simple truth! Of course, I have several of my own dating rules that are based on experience in the field. Those, my dears, I think you should follow. But, there are other dating rules that are based on old thinking and tradition. They flat out don’t work. So, here are some commons rules you’ve probably heard from your mom, friends or lady magazines that I’m 100% confident you need to break for a better dating life.

Don’t move too fast
The best things in life come at you quickly and before you’re ready. Nothing real ever happens in the perfect way you planned. So, if you meet a great man and fall hard by the second date, that’s fine. No, wait. It’s not fine. It’s amazing! If you feel like you can commit to each other after only a few weeks of knowing him, go for it. One of the best couples I know got engaged 6 months after meeting each other when they were only 21. Guess what? It’s been decades and they’re one of the strongest, most solid couples I know. Move at a pace that feels natural to you. It’s going to be different for every relationship you have, so don’t worry if some feel tortoise-y and some feel hare-y.

Play hard to get
You don’t have to play hard to get. You have to be hard to get. And that’s more a frame of mind than anything tangible. Know your worth and know that it’s not easy for a man to be deserving of you. You’re fine, woman! You’ve got brains and beauty and you know it! So, love yourself, make your life rich and full! When you start loving yourself and treating yourself as well as you deserve to be treated, you won’t have to play anything. You’ll be everything any man could ever hope for!

Let him take the lead
If you know me, you know that I love a strong man who steps up and takes the lead in most things. But, that’s not how it always has to be…especially in the bedroom. If you let your man be the only one in charge, things are going to get boring for him and for you. So, take the initiative and spice it up a bit. Get sexy lingerie. Suggest some role-play. Tie him up and you be the leader. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want…and then go and get what you want!

I hope that encourages some of you to break with convention and follow your own dating rules. Good luck, my little rule breakers!

Photo credit: VanessaO / CC BY