How to get over the single girl winter blues

Being single when the weather’s bad can be a real bummer. (I’m talk to all of you East Coasters and Midwesterners!) It feels like everyone else is cozied up inside, snuggling together and you’re the only one sipping cocoa alone. Well, that’s not the case at all. I swear. But, if you’re feeling like it is, here’s exactly what to do to get over those single girl winter blues.

Get out of the house

Step one to feeling less trapped in your winter prison of loneliness is to bust out of it. And good news! This doesn’t have to be a Shawshank Redemption level escape. The only thing you need to do is open your front door and step outside. Go for a walk or go grocery shopping instead of having your groceries delivered. Take yourself out for a solo dinner or hot toddy at the nearest bar. Just get your social juices flowing by being out in the wild.

Work out

Working out is super good for you mentally. It’s been proven time and time again by research. Whenever I’m feeling down – about being single or anything else – I force myself to work out and it always improves my outlook. I’d suggest taking a workout class…and not one that’s all women. Go to a hot yoga studio – men always outnumber the women at mine. Or do a HIIT class. Getting your blood pumping will help your mood and being around potentially single men is definitely not going to hurt the situation.

Make plans

When we’re down in the dumps, being the social coordinator can feel like a lot. But, I swear, it’s just sending one text. Well, I want you to do more than sending a simple “What are you up to this weekend” text. You have to do something planning. So, it’s a smidge more than just one text. But, still, it’s doable. Think of something fun to do – going to a winter market, eating at a new restaurant, bowling. Whatever! Just find something easy and fun and then invite folks to it. You can invite your girlfriends, couple friends and work friends. You’ll be surprised by how initiating plans once will lead to an avalanche of social plans.


A good way to melt away your blues is to warm your heart. Do that by giving back to your community. Find somewhere to volunteer. I like to do ongoing commitments for volunteering, but even volunteering once will be helpful. You’ll feel so much better about yourself and the world when you see how much of an impact a few hours of your time can make.

Swipe it up

If you’re sad about being single this winter, make sure you’ve got a boo by spring. Get on some dating apps and start swiping. Believe me, I know dating apps can be discouraging, but they can also be very productive. (Believe me on that, too!) Open up those apps and start swiping. This could be your last winter as a single girl if you focus on it!

Winter’s already almost over. So, hang on for a bit longer and you’ll soon be basking in the sun!