7 Ways to make your single girl Valentine’s Day awesome

It’s never too early for me to be thinking about Valentine’s Day. And yep, that holds even on years when I’m single. I’m a romantic at heart and nothing changes about that part of my heart, whether it’s taken or not. I like Valentine’s Day because it celebrates love, but I get that’s not how everyone feels about the day. One of my girlfriends recently told me that she’s dreading “single awareness day.” Ugh. I don’t want her – or you – to feel crappy on February 14th. So, if you’re not in automatically love with the holiday like I am, here are seven ways you can still make your single girl Valentine’s Day awesome.

  1. Practice gratitude

I’m such a believer in gratitude being the right attitude. Focusing your energy on what you have, instead of what you don’t, will increase your overall happiness. I guarantee it. So, starting now, think about five things you’re grateful for every single day. I like to do it at night and write it down in a journal. Sounds cheesy…and that’s probably because it is…but cheesy can be effective. And appreciating all the love and wonderful things in your life, even if romantic love is missing, is going to make your V-Day so much better.

  1. Treat yourself

Don’t lock yourself at home to mope. Do something fabulous for yourself on Valentine’s Day. Buy yourself new underwear! Use that expensive face mask you’ve been saving for a special occasion! Upgrade to Hulu with no commercials! You deserve something special even though you don’t have a special someone.

  1. Work out

Endorphins make you feel amazing and some quick cardio can get them flowing. Start your day off with 15 minutes of cardio – a brisk walk or a quick at-home circuit will do the trick – and your V-Day is going to be a lot more energized.

  1. Go outside

Vitamin D does a body good. Go for a walk during your lunch break and soak up the sun this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Plan a date

Call me crazy – you certainly won’t be the first – but I love a Valentine’s Day first date. It’s fun and kitschy and surprisingly low pressure. Obviously, do something casual that doesn’t require reservations. You don’t want to be stuck at an 8-course tasting meal with a perfect stranger!

  1. Visualize your future

Meditation is a big part of my life and it’s been such a good thing for me. Sometimes I’ll focus on clearing my mind, but I’ll also spend time visualizing certain things. For a single girl on Valentine’s Day, I’d suggest visualizing a few different scenes of you in your ideal romantic situation. When you visualize it, truly put yourself there. Let yourself feel what you’d feel if you were truly in those moments. And, circling back to my first point, one of those feelings should be gratitude.

  1. Give a goal gift

Instead of flat out buying yourself something, I find it really rewarding to “gift” myself with accomplishing a goal. For example, if you’ve been wanting to do a DIY project, gift yourself with the free time on Valentine’s Day to do it. It could also be an errand that you haven’t done in weeks that’s on your mind. I’ve made going to Good Will to donate old clothes my “treat” for the day. And if you get in the right headspace and revel in the accomplishment of achieving a goal, no matter how small, it can feel really good.

Single girls, this Valentine’s Day can be as fabulous as you want it to be. Just make it so and it is!