What your millionaire’s attitude about Valentine’s Day really says

Valentine’s Day is upon us and while I 100% love Valentine’s Day, I know it’s a divisive holiday. I know people say stuff like it’s a Hallmark manufactured day, and sure. Maybe it is. But, what does that matter? Just take a day to celebrate love, people! Life is hard and love is worth a freaking day! But, still, I know it’s not for everyone. If you’re surprised by your millionaire’s man reaction to Valentine’s Day or just wondering what his take on the holiday means, here’s how you can figure it out.

He hates it

If your man hates Valentine’s Day, and I mean HATES, then I think you need to do some digging. What’s his beef with it? If you don’t feel the same way and would like to celebrate the day, could he ever change? I’m not saying him hating the day means that you shouldn’t be with him, but I am saying that he should put your wants and needs in front of his, especially if he doesn’t have a true reason for being so anti when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Be sure you’re his priority and not his attitude. Plus, for a millionaire, making you feel special on Valentine’s Day is truly not that hard. Most millionaire men can have their assistant do the heavy lifting. So, seriously, what’s his prob?

He literally doesn’t know it’s coming up

This always baffles me, because I’m so focused on Valentine’s Day personally and professionally. But, so many men don’t even know the date of Valentine’s Day! I find it more common with millionaire men because they generally don’t keep their own schedules. They have their calendars managed by assistants. What this says about your millionaire man is that he’s a dude who probably hasn’t been in a relationship before. Despite his flashy and sophisticated lifestyle, he might be pretty behind in the relationship area. You’ll need to flat out tell him what you want on Valentine’s Day, and likely every other day of your relationship. Be sure you don’t confuse his cluelessness with dismissing you and your needs. He literally doesn’t know.

He’s getting you tons of flowers and chocolate

If your guy is into Valentine’s Day and lavishing you with candy and bouquets, that’s amazing! Well, it is as long as that’s what you want on Valentine’s Day. If your dude’s on autopilot from his last relationship and just rebooting what his most recent ex would have wanted (and maybe literally just having his assistant send the same stuff!), that’s not great. It’s not bad, though! He just might not understand that not every woman wants the same thing. (I know, I know. But men are like that.) So, fill him in on what you want, while still being appreciative of the gestures he made.

He checked in with you before saying or doing anything

Here’s my fave! A guy who asks you how you felt and what you want for Valentine’s Day before spilling his own feelings. Love it! This is a guy who knows there are certain areas where he should defer to his woman. And this is a good sign for a millionaire dude or any dude. The element of surprise is honestly overrated. This gesture – asking what you want from the day – is so much dreamier than being surprised. Plus, there can still be elements of surprise. Like, where will he make the reservations or what kind of chocolate you’ll get or how amazing the sex will be that night!

No matter how your millionaire man feels about V-Day, I’m here to say happy early Valentine’s Day from me to you!