5 Valentine gifts to get your millionaire man

valentinesgiftsforhimHow many bags of Conversation Hearts have you eaten so far this Valentine’s Day season? I’m going to plead the fifth on my number. It’s embarrassingly high. I tell myself that eating Conversation Hearts is basically a job responsibility for me. Anyway, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re dating a rich, successful man, I bet you’re struggling with what to get him. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I have 7 ideas for gifts that will make the man who has everything feel like a million bucks.

  1. Cufflinks

This is a tried and true dude gift that never fails. Sure, every businessman has cufflinks, but there’s always room in a guy’s collection for more. It’s a really safe bet. If you’re looking for something nice, David Yurman always has amazing designs with classic appeal. For this gift guide, I found these amazing Tateossian Mechanical Watch Cuff Links that actually keep time. Awesome, right? He’ll definitely get compliments on them and think of you every time someone tells him how cool his style is.

  1. Scotch tasting

Scotch has always been a staple drink for classy men, but I think it’s having a real moment in the sun right now. I credit that to Mad Men. Anyway, almost every man would want to know more about scotch, so organizing a scotch tasting is a great gift idea. I found several options in my area just by Googling “Scotch tasting Los Angeles.” Look in your area and see what quality options are available. You could also talk to your country club about setting up a tasting or just chat with the lead bartender at the bar of his favorite steak house. It could also be fun to turn it into a social event and have several of your girlfriends give their men scotch tastings for V-Day and do the tasting as a group.

  1. A strip dance

Give your man something he’ll never forget, a very sensual strip dance. If you’re comfortable, just go ahead and do it. But, for most of us, a little instruction and choreography wouldn’t hurt. So, look up strip classes in your neighborhood or get a private burlesque tutoring session and practice your routine. This is a priceless gift that he’ll be very, very grateful for.

  1. Lingerie

Ah, the age old question…is lingerie really a gift for him or you? I say, who cares! It makes you feel sexy and him feel, well, all kinds of things! In my book, La Perla is hands down the sexiest, most luxurious lingerie on the market. And why not treat yourself to the best when you’re treating him, right? The Maharani Chemise is super sexy and guaranteed to make this a Valentine’s Day, or more likely night, to remember!

  1. Deluxe aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs come in all shapes and sizes…and prices! There are some very luxurious and expensive aphrodisiacs out there that can add up to a really special gift for your man. You can customize an aphrodisiac basket to your man’s tastes, but if you’re looking for some suggestions, I have two deluxe options for you—saffron and white truffles. Saffron is one of the most expensive ingredients on the planet and, as it turns out, can be a real turn on! White truffles are another hard to source aphrodisiac that are delicious and apparently, sexually stimulating. Add these to some honey, for eating or body painting, high quality chocolate, his favorite red and a homemade version of sexy truth or dare and you have the perfect customized aphrodisiac basket for your millionaire boo.

Hope that helps you ladies who are dating men who have everything. They’re a hard group to shop for! And no matter what gift you get him, if you make him feel special in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day evening, he’ll be very grateful that Cupid shot you two with the same arrow.