5 Blingy Valentine’s Day gifts even non-metero men will love

Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for a dude is hard! If you’re dating a millionaire dude, it’s even harder. Men just aren’t as easy to shop for as we are. But, you’re in luck. This year, I scoured the internet to find five gifts perfect for any man you want to make feel special this V-Day. And don’t worry, these gifts aren’t prissy. They’ll work for even the most manly man. I promise.

  1. Tom Ford Gold Braided-Leather Watch, $8,290.00

This watch is classic masculine elegance. It’s perfect for any guy. If he’s a business guy who has to dress formally on the daily, this watch can be in his regular rotation. If he’s more of an outdoorsy or sporty guy, this can be his special occasion timepiece. Black and gold is never going to go out of style. So, you know he’s going to treasure this gift forever.

  1. Cufflinks Inc. Brushed Silver 8GB USB Flash Drive Money Clip, $80.00

Even the guy who has everything won’t have this. And it’s actually useful! It’s a USB drive and money clip in one. Plus, it’s brushed silver. It’s got a little metallic shine without being straight out of Elle Woods’ purse. He’ll use this non-stop and remember how thoughtful you are every single time he does.

  1. Messika Titanium Move Diamond Cuff Links, $910.00

These cufflinks are sexy. Like, they actually turn me on. Don’t you feel it, too? They’re so sleek and stylish and the diamond is understated, but the right eye will totally notice it. It’s the perfect addition to any suit. Get these for your man because I’m literally already drooling over the idea of him wearing them.

  1. Prada Reversible Saffiano Leather Belt, $490

Three things you can always count on: Death, taxes and Prada doing it right. This belt is obviously a super simple basic, but it’s high quality and so versatile. One side’s black and the other’s brown. It’s a great piece for a man who travels a lot or a minimalist dude.

  1. Dunhill Sentryman Pen, $750.00

A luxury pen is the ultimate, well, luxury. This one just screams “success!” I personally love a fancy pen and think a man with a nice pen says a lot about his intentionality. Even if he just keeps it on his desk and looks at it every day, instead of carrying it around and using it, it’ll be a super sweet daily reminder of how much you love him.

February 14this basically here. Get these gifts ASAP so you can get them wrapped and ready for your special night together.