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What your millionaire’s attitude about Valentine’s Day really says

Valentine’s Day is upon us and while I 100% love Valentine’s Day, I know it’s a divisive holiday. I know people say stuff like it’s a Hallmark manufactured day, and sure. Maybe it is. But, what does that matter? Just take a day to celebrate love, people! Life is hard and love is worth a freaking day! But, still, I know it’s not for everyone. If you’re surprised by your millionaire’s man reaction to Valentine’s Day or just wondering what his take on the holiday means, here’s how you can figure it out Read more

5 Jewelry gifts guaranteed make your Valentine feel like a million bucks

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you went all out on holiday gift giving, you probably feel pretty spent in the ideas department. Well, don’t worry. That’s why jewelry was invented! Jewelry is the perfect gift for any lady on any occasion, but especially on Valentine’s Day because it’s so romantic. Read more

5 Blingy Valentine’s Day gifts even non-metero men will love

Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for a dude is hard! If you’re dating a millionaire dude, it’s even harder. Men just aren’t as easy to shop for as we are. But, you’re in luck. This year, I scoured the internet to find five gifts perfect for any man you want to make feel special this V-Day. And don’t worry, these gifts aren’t prissy. They’ll work for even the most manly man. I promise. Read more

How to tell if he wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but what if you’re not quite in love yet? Do you celebrate? That’s a tough question to figure out. For new couples and not official couples, instead of being a day of love, Valentine’s Day is a more like a day of stress! Here are some ways you can figure out if your dude wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you before the big day and hopefully avoid all that romantic strain and pressure. Read more

Sex Up Your Valentine’s Day Wish List

We all dream of getting that perfect Valentine’s Day gift that takes our breath away and makes us want to show the giver how grateful we are. It’s got be romantic and thoughtful, more sophisticated than a mixtape but more intimate than a food processor. We’re looking for a gift that comes with a very specific message: “I love you, I know what you like and I didn’t get this 12 hours ago at Target.” Read more

The perfect healthy meal to cook for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a real pressure cooker of stress—expectations, romance, gifting and New Year’s resolutions. That’s right. Coming only six weeks into the new year, February 14th is often smack dab in the middle of people’s diets. And diets and holidays don’t typically mix. Diets and romance are hard to mix, too. Well, not any more! I’ve scoured the internet for some very romantic and healthy meals you can make at home to stick to your healthy lifestyle and celebrate ole Saint Valentine in style. Simple salad This is some intense salad making. She really gets into the details here, which I love. And I dig the basic dressing and how exacting she is with the ratio measurements. You can simplify this for yourself and pick up a bag of mixed greens or only do one green. But, don’t mess around with the dressing. It’s perfection. Make a huge batch of it and save it to use throughout the week. Roast chicken This is Glamour’s famed engagement chicken. The story goes that an assistant at Glamour made this chicken for her boyfriend and he proposed soon after. Then, three other women at the magazine made the chicken for their boos and got rings. So, Glamour printed the recipe in their magazine and 70 women from around the country wrote in to say they’d gotten engaged after making their men this chicken. I’m not saying this recipe will take you down the aisle, but a nice, perfectly cooked, lemony chicken sure can’t hurt the cause. Roast potatoes If you don’t think Jamie Oliver is cute as a button, I think we might have nothing in common. He’s so adorable! And his recipes are dynamite. Check out how he makes roast potatoes taste even better than normal. I love how focused on texture he is, too. That combo of crunch and creaminess just can’t be beat. Pick any one of these as a side dish for your special meal. Sautéed greens A nice dark leafy green is part of nearly every healthy diet, so this dish is a must serve. You can make this with spinach, like she does in the video, or another green, like kale or collard greens. The flavors and techniques translate perfectly to a variety of greens. Just sauté heartier greens for a bit longer. Green tea macarons Even when you’re watching what you eat, you can’t skip dessert on Valentine’s Day. So, here’s a healthy-ish take on dessert. Green tea has restorative properties that are beneficial to the body, but what’s really great about these macarons is that they’re really small. So, it’s easy to just have a bite and indulge without feeling like you’re wasting food or denying yourself a full dessert. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy healthy living!