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Sex Up Your Valentine’s Day Wish List

sexwithemily1We all dream of getting that perfect Valentine’s Day gift that takes our breath away and makes us want to show the giver how grateful we are. It’s got be romantic and thoughtful, more sophisticated than a mixtape but more intimate than a food processor. We’re looking for a gift that comes with a very specific message: “I love you, I know what you like and I didn’t get this 12 hours ago at Target.”

The trouble is, our partners are not mind-readers; they may know our deepest hopes and dreams, but they have NO clue what our hearts most desire for Valentine’s Day. Left to their own devices, the odds are likely that they will default to the holiday’s usual go-to gifts: Candy, jewelry and gift cards.

I’m a big believer in gifts that can bring you and your lover pleasure all year long. And since V-Day is all about the giving and receiving of love (self or otherwise), it seems fitting to pick a present that does the same. Flowers and chocolate hearts may provide fleeting pleasure, but G-spot orgasms? Now that’s a gift that’ll keep on giving.

Whether you’re dropping hints to your lover (or are treating yourself), here are three pleasure-packed gifts that should definitely be on your V-Day list…

The “Girl’s Best Friend”
sexwithemily2The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, which often puts a damper on our sex drives. By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, getting steamy can seem more exhausting and less appealing than six more weeks of winter. If you can just make it to February 15, there will be nothing but blue skies and rainbows until Thanksgiving, but what’s a girl to do until then? Instead of huddling under the sheets waiting for winter to thaw, might as well find a more orgasmic way to occupy your time.

Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte kicks her habit of terrible lovers and gets accidentally gets hooked on the Rabbit vibrator instead? Well Vibratex, the creators of the original Rabbit Habit, have taken everything to love about the popular vibrator and added a fun and flirty twist. The Dahlia is pretty and pink, and packs a multi-orgasmic punch. With external butterfly wings that flutter against the clitoris and a smooth, rotating head that swirls against the G-spot, you’ll soon discover the blended orgasm you’ve always dreamed of. See you in April!

The Master Multitasker
sexwithemily3As a GOTG (girl-on-the-go), you’re looking for ways to make your life more convenient, more productive and more efficient. You prep meals a week ahead, answer email while eating breakfast and practice Pilates between loads of laundry. The problem is, things like self-loving tend to fall down the to-do list in favor of more multi-taskable activities, like shopping and exercise. Who has time to lay back and masturbate when there are deadlines to meet and clients to see? Funny you should ask…

Made by Pour Moi, the Intensity is the ultimate bedside companion for a woman as busy as you. Both a vibrator AND a Kegel exerciser, this incredible device eliminates any guilt you feel about 10 minutes of indulgence. Why? Because while you’re on your back, the Intensity is using electrostimulation to work out your pelvic floor muscles, toning and strengthening your vaginal wall. Over time, these sessions will boost your arousal and your sexual pleasure, and even help you have more intense orgasms.

The G-Spot Whisperer
sexwithemily4Maybe you’re one of those impossible to shop for ladies — From jewelry to clothing to Apple products, you’ve got it all. Well there’s still one thing you probably don’t have, something you’ve been longing for since the moment you entered womanhood (or picked up your first Cosmo, whichever came first): the secret to a G-spot orgasm. Yes, ladies, say hello to the We-Vibe Rave.

Every bit as powerful as your trusted wand vibrator, The Rave is sensually sculpted to deliver something extra. The beautiful, asymmetrical design leads directly to the G-spot, while the soft edges of the shaft stimulate every inch of the vaginal canal. With 10 preset vibration modes producing powerful pulsations, it won’t take much to find your speed and get going. If that wasn’t enough, this amazing vibe can be paired with the WeConnect smartphone app, making it perfect for partner play!

Find out how the Rave can help lead you directly to your sweet spot in this video.