5 Jewelry gifts guaranteed make your Valentine feel like a million bucks

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you went all out on holiday gift giving, you probably feel pretty spent in the ideas department. Well, don’t worry. That’s why jewelry was invented! Jewelry is the perfect gift for any lady on any occasion, but especially on Valentine’s Day because it’s so romantic. Whenever she wears the jewelry you give her, she’ll be reminded of your love for her every time it sparkles. If you’re not sure what exact piece to get her this Valentine’s Day, here are my suggestions.

  1. Monica Rich Kosann White Gold Mercury Ring with Pavé Diamonds, $10,500.00

This ring makes a statement. It’s so eye catching that she’s definitely going to be asked about it every time she puts it on. And when she answers, she’ll say, “My amazing man picked it out!” Don’t you want her to think about how amazing you are on the daily?

  1. David Yurman Starburst Chain Necklace with Pearls, $1,450.00

If you’re not 100% sure you know your lady’s style, David Yurman jewelry is a safe way to go. His designs work with a wide range of looks. This layered necklace is a piece that would vibe with an edgy punk chick just as well as it would on a super corporate mama.

  1. Zoe Pavé Diamond Eternity Bangle, $9,998.00

If your lady isn’t a jewelry gal, but you know she deserves a little sparkle in her life, this bangle’s for her. It’s super slim and won’t bother her when she’s hustling around during the day. But, it’s so sparkly, it’ll catch her eye just enough to make her think of you and smile.

  1. Dauphin Small Fluid Earrings, $38,450.00

STUN! NING! I’ve been drooling over these earrings for months. They’re such showstoppers. I’ve never seen anything like them. Not like you can really call $40K earrings practical, but these are as practical as earrings like this get because they’ll match any black-tie outfit. So each and every time she dresses up, she’ll be able to wear this.

  1. Anita Ko Pink Sapphire & Rose Gold Ear Cuff, $700.00

Here’s something unique she doesn’t already have in her jewelry box. It’s super girly because it’s pink, but kinda rocker because it’s an ear cuff. I love the juxtaposition and I think your special lady will, too.

You’re going to be a Valentine’s Day hero if you get her any of these pieces. Each and every one of these will make this February 14tha V-Day to remember for both of you!