Why every single girl needs to go on a vacation alone

One of my closest single girlfriends just came back from a solo Eat, Pray, Love type trip. She bopped around the world for six full weeks and, I swear, she’s come back a happier, healthier person. I’ve never seen her this comfortable in her own skin. We were talking and she totally credits it to the fact that she traveled alone. After our convo, I decided that every single girl needs to go on a vacation alone. Here’s why.


Single girls need to relax. When you’re single, your life can be bonkers. You’re working, seeing friends, keeping up with family, looking for a new job, mentoring younger women, exercising and everything else a woman is expected to do. On top of that, you’re going on dates, which is exhausting. And when you’re not on dates, you’re probably online chatting or swiping to set up more dates, which is also exhausting. Dating takes up so much time and adds a lot of stress to life. Single girls, you don’t get enough credit for the work you put into dating. But, you’re going to get it now. Take some time off from your busy life, including your busy dating life, and go on a relaxing vacation. You deserve it.

New perspective

Being single for a long time can get dull and frustrating. That can naturally lead to negativity. What you need to do is shake it up. If you stop feeling so bored all the time, you’ll wipe that fog of negativity away. A trip can do that for you. The second you step off the plane, you’ll be recharged. A little excitement can go a long way in reminding you that your life is actually great.

Meeting people

Don’t go on a solo vacation with the express intent of meeting someone. I can tell you, that’s a set up for disappointment. But, you are more likely to meet interesting people when you’re traveling alone. You’re more aggressive socially when you’re alone and people are more likely to strike up a conversation with a loaner. You never know what doors those people will open, romantically and otherwise. Expanding your network with fascinating folks you wouldn’t meet in your day-to-day life, or even meet if you were with a friend or on a group trip, will mean good things for your life in the future.

While my friend took the trip of a lifetime, you don’t have to. Spend a weekend somewhere you’ve never been. It can even be the motel six exits away on the highway. This trip is about taking some time to yourself, shaking it up a bit and opening new doors. You don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of money to do that.