5 Things single girls need to do to find a man in 2018

You’re still single and you’re sick of it. I’ve been there, sister! I’m not shy about admitting that. There’s no shame in wanting to be in a relationship. If that’s what you want and you want it this year, you’ve got to get your ass in gear to make that happen. Relationships don’t just magically appear out of nowhere. It takes a lot of work to make yourself ready for a relationship and to make yourself an attractive option for a man. So, if you’re dead set on getting into a relationship in 2018, here are five things you need to do right away. Let’s find a man in 2018!

Pay for your profile

Online dating is the easiest way to meet a dude these days. I’ve done it and I have all kinds of resources at my fingertips. So, that’s saying something. But, you’ve got to put in some effort and some dollars to make online dating successful. Get brand new pictures and make them professional shots. For some reason, this is a tough pill to swallow for a lot of women. But, there are no two ways around it. Men are visual creatures, so give them something gorgeous to look at. And if you think your profile pics are good enough now, you’re wrong. I mean, you’re single, right? Something’s not working. I also want you to pay a writer to help you with your profile. Of course it should still reflect you, but the most compelling parts of you. And sometimes it’s hard for us to sell ourselves. Get a professional involved.

Change your schedule

Your day-to-day life isn’t attracting anyone you want to date, so change it up. Get your coffee somewhere new. Change gyms. Stop going to your all female book club on Saturday nights and instead make that group of gals go out. Shake up as much as possible schedule-wise and you’ll put yourself in contact with a whole new crop of men. Even tweaking the time you leave for work will give you an entire new subway’s worth of dudes to flirt with. Small changes have big impacts!

Get uncomfortable

Being comfortable feels good in a lot of ways, but it also means that you’re stagnant. For people who are happy in their lives, that’s great. For someone like you who wants a big modification in her life, like finding a partner, it’s not the time for comfort. It’s the time to get uncomfortable. Challenge yourself on a regular basis until you meet him. Take a workout class that seems way too hard. Go out to a bar solo. Book a trip by yourself to a place you’re a little intimidated to go. Sign up for lessons in a new language. You know exactly what happens in your comfort zone, so step outside of it if you want something different than what you have.

Ask why

Here’s a hard one. Ask yourself why you’re single? Why haven’t you found Mr. Right? Maybe it’s because you’re not putting yourself out there. Maybe it’s because you’re too picky. Does he need to be over 6 feet, make over $250,000 a year, have married parents, be a reformed Jew, vote liberal, make you laugh, know how to cook and look like an Adonis? You’re not living in a Disney movie. No one gets a 100% perfect Prince Charming. You get to pick five non-negotiables and then you need to be open and flexible. Or maybe you honestly aren’t ready for love and you need to work on getting yourself mature enough to be someone’s partner. This is going to involve a good hard look in the mirror, and maybe even some therapy, to figure out.

Tell everyone

I’m a big believer in manifesting your destiny by being open with what you want. If you want an amazing relationship, tell everyone that’s your goal. It will put out the right energy into the Universe, which is a very good thing. It will also keep you accountable because your friends and family will help you along the way. Plus, you never know who has a good set up for you until you ask. Like I said above, there’s no shame in looking for love. So, state your intentions for finding a good man this year loud and proud and I bet your dream dude will show up.

Single girls, it’s all up to you to make a relationship happen for yourself. If you put in the time and effort to follow these five steps, I guarantee a good man will show up this year.