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5 Things single girls need to do to find a man in 2018

You’re still single and you’re sick of it. I’ve been there, sister! I’m not shy about admitting that. There’s no shame in wanting to be in a relationship. If that’s what you want and you want it this year, you’ve got to get your ass in gear to make that happen. Relationships don’t just magically appear out of nowhere. It takes a lot of work to make yourself ready for a relationship and to make yourself an attractive option for a man. So, if you’re dead set on getting into a relationship in 2018, here are five things you need to do right away. Let's find a man in 2018! Read more

5 Things single girls need to do now to find a man

Hey single girls! This one’s for you. If you’re sitting there wondering why you’re single, keep on reading. I’ll tell you! It’s because you’re not doing these five very simple things. If you do all five of my recommendations below, I’ll guarantee you find yourself with a great man in a great relationship in now time. So, let’s get to it. Get busy Read more

5 Places to meet a man this winter

One of my single girlfriends recently said something like, “Well, there goes 2016. I’m single until spring 2017!” I was so shocked. She’d completely given up on finding love for the next six months because she thinks that if you’re not with someone by the end of fall, you’re basically done for. She’s never met anyone during the wintertime. This woman is fantastic and smart and sexy and such a catch. I was shocked that she’d ever have a hard time meeting someone, so I had to dig a little deeper. And once I did, I realized what was going on. My friend wasn’t meeting anyone during the winter because she wasn’t putting herself out there during the winter. Read more