5 Places to meet a man this winter

where to meet manOne of my single girlfriends recently said something like, “Well, there goes 2016. I’m single until spring 2017!” I was so shocked. She’d completely given up on finding love for the next six months because she thinks that if you’re not with someone by the end of fall, you’re basically done for. She’s never met anyone during the wintertime. This woman is fantastic and smart and sexy and such a catch. I was shocked that she’d ever have a hard time meeting someone, so I had to dig a little deeper. And once I did, I realized what was going on. My friend wasn’t meeting anyone during the winter because she wasn’t putting herself out there during the winter. She basically spends the season cuddling with her dog on her couch watching Netflix. Of course she doesn’t meet anyone like that! I told her she had to get out of her sweatpants and put some effort in. And then I gave her some ideas for how to do it. Thought I’d share them here in case you needed some wintertime romance inspiration, too.

Holiday parties

I’m not talking about the three holiday parties you go to every year. I’m talking about getting serious about going to every holiday party you get invited to. Every one. Your gym probably has a party. The local mini mall. Your apartment complex. Places you volunteer. Your niece’s swim team. Go to all of them and go alone. You’ll only put yourself out there if you have no other choice. So, don’t bring the buffer of a friend. Oh, and wear something sexy and red.

Convention hotels

If you’re planning a trip this winter, stay in a hotel that hosts conventions instead of a resort. Almost no men would go to a resort alone, but single guys travel on business all the time and those trips are often to conventions. They’ll be hanging at the bar and the pool and be very open to flirting. So, get your five-second flirt ready!

Running clubs

This is a new one for me. I just found out that there are weekly running clubs that meet regardless of the weather and aren’t just for elite runners. There are versions of this for any ability. I say get some cold weather running gear and hustle down to one of these clubs. Single, fit dudes will definitely be in attendance and you can stay in shape all season. What a double win!

Places of worship

Spirituality, culture and religious beliefs are important things to share with your man. So, why not find him at a place that makes it more likely that you’ll have those things in common? Go to a spiritual house that feels appropriate to you. That could be anything from a crystal workshop to a Catholic mass. Get there early and stay late and you never know who might strike up a conversation.


Do not give up on your apps and sites just because the temperature has dipped. You’re just as likely to find love on those apps as you were over the summer. Be aggressive and attentive with your swiping and chatting. You’ll find some men worthy of a first date and hopefully even more!

Happy honey hunting this winter, my single girls! You’ll find something great if you put yourself out there!