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Why Moms Make Perfect Girlfriends

a mother makes a great girlfriendYou know I love women, but there’s one particular group of women I’m especially fond of, and that’s Moms. The other night was a perfect example of why I think Moms are so amazing. I was out with two clients, and my close friend and fellow coach John Keegan. We decided to eat at a lovely place in Venice called, “Café Gratitude.”

It’s a vegan restaurant. I’ve been there before and the food is always good. It’s the kind of place everyone kisses each other and has deep meaningful conversations. Most these conversations end abruptly when someone who’s on some angel path comes along, and diverts the conversation in a completely different direction.

So we’re finishing our meal and I notice these four stunning women sitting at a table nearby. They looked like they were getting ready to leave, so before they stood up, I headed over to say hello. I wasn’t trying to hit on them; I just wanted to meet them. I said “Hello,” told them I was with friends, and chatted about some of the relationship problems we’d been discussing.

I had no idea when I approached these women, but all four of them were single Moms. It was perfect. Here were four lovely women, all nurturing by nature, and my boys needed some of that caring attention.

I suggested they came back with me to our table to give my boys a female perspective on things. Within a couple of minutes there were drinks on the table, and here I was watching four gorgeous single Moms nurturing my guys back to happiness.

I found it really interesting to watch, because men and women are wired so differently and our energies are so different in nature. Man’s job has always been to hunt and protect, while women have been the carers and nurturers. Even in cave man days, man would go off and bring the sabre-tooth tiger home, but he wouldn’t go out hunting again until woman had pampered him and told him how amazing he was.

Only Moms open their heart, ears, and minds so freely.

One of the guys at the table was going through a very messy breakup and was finding it difficult to cope. So he’s telling these women all about it, and each one of them leaned in, listened intently, and offered the occasional caring hand on the knee or shoulder. The only thing I think they didn’t do was say, “there there you’ll be OK,” like a Mom does when their child falls and hurts itself.

I turned to one of these women and said, “He’s such a nice guy isn’t he?”

“Oh my goodness he’s adorable” She replied before putting her arm around him. When it was time to leave all four of the women gave the guy a huge motherly hug and off they went. His mood was completely different from when we’d arrived. He was positive, smiling, and ready to take on the world. Was it because he’d spent the night talking with four good-looking women, or was it more to do with the way these women nurtured him so well?

This is one of the reasons I love Moms so much. Only Moms open their heart, ears, and minds so freely. They have to, because 24 hours a day 7 days a week, they need to be switched on to their baby or toddler who needs their love and care.

So here’s to all the Moms reading this. I respect you and I salute you. And all the beautiful single Moms out there, keep giving your warm nurturing energy to every man you meet. One day the right guy will adore and appreciate every inch of your caring heart.
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