#AskPatti: Lying guys, talking your number, guys with “friends” & more!

Ask Patti StangerGuys, wasn’t it just Thanksgiving last week? How do I suddenly feel like I’m behind in holiday shopping? I have a really long list this year, because I have so many people who have been very, very nice to me. But, before I get back out there shopping, I wanted to take a second an answer your #AskPatti questions. Here we go!

Oh, honey. I’m sorry. But, yes, dismiss. Even if seems like he’s lying about little things that don’t matter, the fact that he’s lying to you actually really, really does matter. It means that he’s comfortable lying straight to your face and I guarantee there are some bigger things he’s lying about and you just haven’t caught him yet. You’ll find chemistry and compatibility with someone who can look you straight in the eyes and tell you the truth. I promise.
Think about it. Why is your boyfriend pushing you so much on this issue? It’s because he’s insecure. Don’t tell him your number and instead make him feel amazing about how good he is in bed. Brush him off with something like, “I’m not going to tell you my number, but I will tell you you’re the best I’ve ever had.” If that doesn’t work, out and out call him on how uncomfortable this line of questioning is making you. The past is the past and the present is now. This dude needs to focus on the fact that he has you now, or else he won’t have you for long!
Friends are friends and your man’s friends are nothing for you to worry about, male or female. But “friends” are another thing. Ultimately though, this comes down to you trusting your man. A trustworthy man wouldn’t have any “friends.” He’d just have friends. So, maybe you need to think about if he’s worth trusting or not.
The only one who seems confused here is you, honey. You put yourself in this situation by dating a guy in a relationship. Respect yourself enough to break up with him and find a man who can love you without cheating. And trust me, it isn’t this guy. If you end up with him, he’s just going to cheat on you too. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
Height is just a number. And a man can look six feet tall when he’s standing on his accomplishments, great sense of humor or a kind heart!

Alright, get back to your holiday shopping, my loves.