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What guys think about vajazzling

Let’s talk about vajazzling, shall we? For those of you not in the know, vajazzling is badazzling your vagina. And if you’re a woman who feels she needs a little more glitz and glam down south, I say, more power to you. It’s your va-jay-jay and your semi-precious stone collection. Do what you want with them. Recently though, I got asked what men think of vajazzling, and for one of the few times in my life, I was totally speechless. I have no idea what the male perspective on vajazzling is. So I sat down with one of my favorite funny men, comedian and dating coach Ethan Fixell, to get a real man’s take. Here’s what I learned. Read more

Beauty and style items you can feel good about buying

Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, these are products you’ll feel good about buying — and you'll look great too.

1. Love Quotes scarves

These scarves are a celebrity favorite and are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. They are heavenly to travel with but substantial enough to keep you warm and cozy. I practically live in mine. And I love the fact that 10 percent of net profits are donated to international children’s charities. Read more

Get your glow on: Self-acupressure for the face

Acupressure is a Chinese finger massage technique that improves overall well-being and enhances beauty by balancing the energy, or chi, in the body. It’s been used for centuries as a natural facelift to firm up facial tone and improve the appearance of fine lines. Are you ready to learn how to give yourself a beautiful glow by pressing specific areas of your face? If you want to look your best on a date (or anytime, really!) with that healthy “glow” we all dream about, try these quick acupressure techniques that increase the circulation of oxygen and blood to your face. Read more

When can you start wearing your sweatpants in front of him?

You see me on Millionaire Matchmaker telling women to always wear sexy dresses for first dates. And I’ll always stand by that advice. Men love sexy. It’s a fact. But even I know you can't be sexy all of the time. Sometimes, you need to be comfortable. And sometimes comfort means sweatpants. So the big question is, when can you start wearing your sweatpants in front of your guy? Well, my answer, like many of my answers here on PattiKnows, is — it depends. How cute are your sweatpants? Kidding! It depends on how confident and sexy you feel in sweatpants. So let’s break it down. When do you normally wear sweatpants? Read more

How young is too young for plastic surgery to boost your confidence?

If all it takes is a little nip here or filler there to make you feel like the million bucks you are, then why not go ahead and do it, right? Not so fast. I’m not giving all plastic surgery an all-access pass because there certainly are caveats. One of them being age. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 219,000 cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed on people ages 13 to 19 in 2010. That’s a pretty big number and raises the question — how young is too young for plastic surgery? Of course, I’m not a medical professional. But I do live in Los Angeles, so I’m somewhat of an unofficial expert in the field of elective surgery and cosmetic procedures. Here are my thoughts. Read more

Date night makeup: How many dates should you wait to go all natural?

Scenario time. The first date: You’re all dolled up with the silky hair, bandage dress, killer heels and perfectly-done makeup. You look amazing and you know it. He knows it too. And he also knows that you’re funny and smart and charming, so he asks you on a second date. And then a third. And then you run out of sexy bandage dresses. And you’re sick of straightening your hair. And you can only get your makeup done for free at the Mac counter so many times before they catch on. So you’re wondering, how many dates should you wait to go all natural? Read more