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How to dress professionally and still be sexy

Sexy wrap dress
Even though I'm in the business of love, I think it's important to dress like a powerhouse. I love my business, and I want to represent it well -- I want to be taken seriously in my workplace, but I also want to show my personality because god knows I have a lot of it! I totally believe you can change your mood by dressing for the best, and I’ve found a nice balance of clothes that portray me as a successful entrepreneur and still give me the sexy edge a working woman deserves. Here's some of my fave brands that get the job done: Read more

5 Ways to get in touch with your inner goddess at any age

My business is about two people finding love with each other, but I’m just as passionate about finding love within yourself. I know, cheese alert. But it’s true. Every woman is a strong, powerful, sexy goddess and she should feel like it. If you’re ever feeling out of touch with your inner goddess, which happens to all of us from time to time, here's five quick ways to feel fierce instantly. Read more

5 Products to combat summer sun

Skincare for summer dates
Summer dates can take you everywhere from romantic boat rides that get the juices flowing to mini golf, outdoor weddings and events, or festivals. Maybe you and your hubby are going on a couples-only vacation to spice things up again. You may be hot for your hunk of burning love, but make sure you don't put a damper on things with a deal-breaker sunburn. Sure, they are painful but they also make us ladies a little self-conscious when the peeling and the blisters turn us into Frankenstein. Read more

Love the skin you’re in! P.s. these products will help!

There is nothing sexier than gorgeous skin. It’s one of my favorite assets to play up. Not only will men notice when you take care of your skin by the way it looks and feels, you’ll feel sexier and more confident when you can show off a silky smooth glow. Men love happy women -- so make sure you're sending the right vibe by making yourself beautiful inside and out. First thing's first -- I'm launching my own cosmetic line and it's for you ladies. From SPF to skin plumping agents and ingredients that reduce red lines, it will meet all your needs. Keep checking for more details! In the meantime... Read more

Bright eyes that will reel him in

Patti Stanger on how to reel him in with your eyes
Men fall in love with what they see, and one of the first things they’ll notice when they meet you is your bright eyes. They signal fun, playfulness, energy and vitality. If you’re saddled with a nine-to-five and feeling anything but fun and energetic, then you can still brighten your eyes to reel him in. Men may not fall in love until after your first date, but a sexy pair of headlights will have him lusting for you, no doubt. Read more

Stay sexy recipe: Mango lime wraps

Summer recipe by Haylie Duff: Mango lime wraps
Sisters, summer is here and it's time to move your bikinis from the bottom drawer to the top drawer, buy a good quality sunscreen for your gorgeous faces and start incorporating some summertime recipes in to your rotation. With age comes maturity. I have had to come to terms with the fact that I can't fry myself in the sun with baby oil like I use to and that what I choose to eat poolside, actually matters. Have no fear though, I've got you covered. Here's one easy recipe that will curb your temptation to eat the greasy meals men love to cook poolside. Read more