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How to Cover a Hickey with Makeup

Did date night go so well that you are left with a party favor? Have a 9 a.m. board meeting and need to cover up that love bite? Have no fear, follow these easy steps on how to cover that dreaded hickey before your mom, boss or friends see it. Be sure to check at the video below! Read more

Kett makeup review

Kett Cosmetics
Do you have a special event coming up such as a wedding, graduation, or birthday and need your make up to last all day long, guaranteed? I can almost bet that you are running through the long list of cosmetic products that claim to keep your make up in place.This product does what no primer, setting spray, or setting powders can do; It will bead off tears, fight through sweat,keep put through the elements, and you can even swim in it! What is it you ask. It's Hydro Proof airbrush make up by Kett! Read more

Elaina Badro Brush Review

Elaina Badro Brush Review
Looking for good quality, affordable make up brushes? So was I when I stumbled upon the Elaina Badro Brush Collection. With the cost of the brushes ranging from $8-$34, Elaina Badro has made exceptional brushes attainable for us all. Read more

Date night hairstyle advice

The good news — you've got a date! The bad news — what on earth are you going to do with your hair? Here are a few tips on date-appropriate hairstyles to consider when planning your night out. Read more

Celebrity beauty lines I love

You know those pages in tabloids that are all about celebrities being just like us? Well, I absolutely love them. I love feeling like I can relate to my favorite celebs, and that’s why I especially love when celebrities come out with their own beauty lines. One more step to being just like them! Here are my celeb beauty lines favorites. Read more

What guys really prefer when it comes to grooming “down there”

Brazilian. Landing strip. Lightening bolt. You have a lot of options when it comes to grooming down there. Even when you’ve been lady grooming for years, the options can get overwhelming, and it seems like they’re always adding new options. While I know that women’s magazines will tell you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable when it comes to grooming down there, the truth is that most of us put in the extra effort down there because we want our lady parts to be as attractive to our partners as possible. But how do you know what guys really prefer when it comes to hair below our belts? Well, I turned once again to comedian, dating coach and an all-around great source of male perspective, Ethan Fixell. Here are the main takeaways. Read more