What guys really prefer when it comes to grooming “down there”

Brazilian. Landing strip. Lightening bolt. You have a lot of options when it comes to grooming down there. Even when you’ve been lady grooming for years, the options can get overwhelming, and it seems like they’re always adding new options. While I know that women’s magazines will tell you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable when it comes to grooming down there, the truth is that most of us put in the extra effort down there because we want our lady parts to be as attractive to our partners as possible. But how do you know what guys really prefer when it comes to hair below our belts? Well, I turned once again to comedian, dating coach and an all-around great source of male perspective, Ethan Fixell. Here are the main takeaways.


When it comes to vag prettifying, all it takes to make your man happy is a little effort. “Why not try to make it look its best? Sure, some guys prefer nothing at all, while even fewer guys prefer their ladies au natural. But the vast majority of dudes like it when women subscribe to some level of maintenance. Just a little trimming here and there should do just fine,” Ethan explains. And really, that’s not too much to ask. You brush, straighten, tease and spray your hair every day. Why not give at least a sliver as much attention to your down-there hair too? Ethan’s saying that there’s not one down-there ‘do that all guys prefer. Like anything in the bedroom, it’s a matter of personal taste. But you’ll always get an A for effort.


I know, I know. I’m a broken record when it comes to communication in relationships. But Ethan agrees with me. He says, “Communication is of utmost importance in any relationship.” And it’s true when it comes to figuring out what your guy likes when it comes to “pube ‘dos,” as Ethan calls them. Ask what your man prefers. And don’t be afraid to tell him what makes you feel sexy and confident too. Chances are, he just wants you to feels as fierce as possible between the sheets, so have an open dialogue about your nether parts. Which leads in nicely to the next point…


“Both partners need to be vocal about what turns each of them on, and both partners need to understand they might have to compromise,” Ethan told me. And truer words have never been typed. If your dude is a barely-there guy and you’re a full-bush lady, you’ll have to figure out a compromise that works for both of you. Maybe it’s a trim. Maybe it’s alternating looks. Maybe it’s having him get fully waxed when you go in for a Brazilian too. Really, it’s up to you guys. As long as you’re both satisfied and comfortable, you’ve found something that works.

Want more amazing advice and hilarious comedy from Ethan? I know I do. Check out his comedy duo Dave and Ethan. Watch the video of them in the park asking kids for love advice. It’s one of my favorites! And tweet him at @ethanfixell.