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Sex Goals Every Couple Should Commit To And Stick To

We, as adults, are all about long-term investments. We invest in our 401k, we invest in our dream homes and our dream cars. We invest in a relationship that we believe will go the distance. And yet, we never think to invest in one of the most vital aspects of that relationship — our dream sex life. We focus so intently on the other pieces of the puzzle, and let sex just fade into the background without even realizing how important it really is. Read more

When To Have Sex With The New Guy You Want To Date

Without a doubt relationship-oriented single ladies have lots of questions in the early stages of dating. From what to wear on the first date to when to text him back, they want to do everything they possibly can to move things forward with the new guy they really like. Perhaps, the biggest question on their mind: When should you sleep with a guy for the first time? Read more

How To Have Sex When You Don’t Feel Great About Your Body

Oh, honey. I feel you. I really, really do. I think most women and probably a good chunk of men have felt the pain you’re in. Whether you’re dealing with a post-partum body, a few extra pounds, boobs you don’t think are big enough, thigh you don’t think are small enough or just a general “society is forcing me to hate myself so I do” crummy-ness, it can make getting intimate and feeling sexy seem very, very unappealing. But, no matter the shape or size of your body or how you feel about the thing, I know one thing about your body…it wants sex. It’s a natural thing that every body wants. So, don’t deprive it of this very basic necessity. Here’s how you can have sex when you’re not in love with your body. Read more

Deep Breathing For Better Sex

Stop the O-Blocking: Breathe Deeply For Better Sex Q: Dear Emily In the past year, I have been on a mission to have regular orgasms and since I’m currently single, this has been mostly a solo mission. I’ve been taking all of your advice: I've got the sex toys and the lube, I know where all my hot spots are and I know how to touch them, but I’m still only orgasming a third of the time. It’s so frustrating! Sometimes I will be right on the cusp of climaxing, but Read more

Sex And How To Turn Him On – There’s Nothing Wrong With Being A Bad Girl

Ladies of the world… There’s something important I want you to know. You’re a beautiful, open, sexy woman; and it’s perfectly OK to be direct, passionate, and a little bit naughty. Don’t forget humans are sexual beings. We’re allowed to have your sexual energy turned on. In fact, to meet men you HAVE to have your sexual energy turned on. I love women who are direct, naughty, and a little kinky sometimes. I respect it, and most high quality men will respect it too. Read more

How To Drive Men Wild In Bed

It’s every woman’s fantasy. A strong, confident, sexy man, who’s so desperately devoted to you, he’d never even look at another woman, let alone sleep with her. Not only is your relationship amazing, but also the sex is off the hook. He drives you crazy, and you drive him wild in bed. It’s all sounds so perfect! The reality is, few relationships look anything like this. Why is that? One of the areas I believe people get seriously wrong in their relationship is sexual compatibility. What do I mean? Read more
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