Date night hairstyle advice

The good news — you’ve got a date! The bad news — what on earth are you going to do with your hair? Here are a few tips on date-appropriate hairstyles to consider when planning your night out.

The first date

Golden Rule for Date #1— Keep it simple, and lose the cement hairspray. Guys love soft, effortless, sexy hair.  That goes for short, long, curly or straight hair. The more fussy a hair style looks, the more high maintenance you appear. I usually encourage girls to wear their hair down — either straight or with a loose wave. Gloss drops or spray add a nice shine to any style. Every guy wants to put his hands through hair that screams silky, not starched.

My personal favorite product: Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine.

The unknown destination

He’s surprising you with your date — fun for the thrill, bad for the planning.  In these scenarios, I say get it up in a ponytail, braid or twist.  Right now, messy French braids, side ponies and twisted pieces are all the rage, and it’s the perfect way to be playful and practical. On shorter dos, use twists or micro braids on the sides of the hair and pin back with bobby pins. This look calls for some hold. Finish with a strong but pliable hair spray.  It will prepare you for white water rafting, a picnic in the park or an overnight to Vegas.

My personal favorite product: Spirulina Hair Spray by Byron

The last-minute date

He finally calls and wants you to meet his friends… right now. You have a 30-minute window to get down to the sports bar and appear coiffed, yet spontaneous.  This calls for “fringe and spray” action. Grab a spray bottle filled with water, and damp down only the fringe of your hair (that’s bangs, to most Americans). Blow dry just the area that you wet. Using a dry shampoo, spritz through the crown of the head, concentrating only on the roots. Dry shampoo typically comes in a hair spray form or a powder. It absorbs excess oil on the scalp, and adds fullness to the hair. Let hair settle for two minutes, and then run your fingers through all of your head.  Your hair will look like it’s been freshly done, and no one will be the wiser!

My personal favorite product: Evo’s Water Killer Dry Shampoo

Date night with your already-boyfriend

Lucky you! You already come home to a great guy every day. While there’s a certain amount of comfort in that, it’s also a recipe to let things get stale in the romance department. Often times, my committed  clients complain they miss the “newness” of a guy when they were being courted. I say, the same goes for both sides. If you want newness, show up with some! One of the easiest, and most romantic, looks is the curl. Wash your hair the night before and blow dry straight, or air dry if your hair has a natural wave.  Before you go out, take a wide-barrel iron, and select a few pieces on the crown and sides of your hair. Curl  hair from the mid-shaft down, and the hair will get that romantic, Botticelli feel… and you get to channel your inner Sophia Vergara. Use a light molding pomade over the curls to add a little shimmer and hold.

My personal favorite product: Oribe’s Original or Gold Pomade