Celebrity beauty lines I love

You know those pages in tabloids that are all about celebrities being just like us? Well, I absolutely love them. I love feeling like I can relate to my favorite celebs, and that’s why I especially love when celebrities come out with their own beauty lines. One more step to being just like them! Here are my celeb beauty lines favorites.

Elle and Blair Fowler’s Skylark

Do you all know about Elle and Blair Fowler? If you don’t, they’re two super-huge YouTube celebrities who made their name with beauty tutorial videos. You can check out Elle’s channel here and Blair’s channel here. They’re sisters, although they don’t look much alike. Their different looks are actually great because it gives a wider range of people the right colors and techniques for their skin types and coloring. These two beauty gurus recently came out with their own makeup line, Skylark. What’s great about it is that they’ll often use Skylark products in their videos, so you get great tips on how to actually use the products once you buy them.

Drew Barrymore’s Flower

If there’s one celeb you can turn to for cutting-edge beauty techniques and tips, it’s Drew Barrymore. She essentially started the ombre hair trend and dominates when it comes to cool, casual style. Even though I’ve never been brave enough for most of her trends, I really love her look. And I also love that Drew Barrymore’s makeup line Flower is sold exclusively at Walmart, so it’s very budget conscious. It’s a great brand to buy when you’re thinking of stepping out of your makeup product comfort zone. For example, if you’re looking for bright purple nail polish and electric blue eyeliner, but aren’t sure you’re going to use them more than a few times, pick up some Flower products . You’ll get quality without the major cashola spend that can happen even at drugstores.

Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty

Cindy Crawford defined beauty for me in the ’90s. I might have even drawn on my own beauty mark a few times, just because I was so obsessed with her look. But have you seen her recently? Um, she hasn’t changed, like at all. Does time stand still for that woman or something? She hasn’t aged a bit since her heyday almost 15 years ago. She’s still so gorgeous and still one of my favorite beauty icons. And I’d trust any anti-aging products she recommends and would hope that it could keep me looking even half as good as she does. That’s why I’m thrilled Cindy came out with Meaningful Beauty, a skin system that’s not too pricey but has amazing results.